It’s easy to fall in love with a diamond, but not every diamond is for you. We make sure that the diamonds you choose from are among the most rare, special and beautiful stones on earth, each one obtained from trusted sources in sustainable conditions. Working with an expert on such an important purchase is a wise decision, and whether you’re preparing for an engagement or a wedding – or having a style custom-designed – we will help you find a diamond that’s perfect for you.

Highest Standards

Whatever your budget, you will only see diamonds of brilliant quality and the highest pedigree. Our GIA-trained gemologists select and inspect every diamond, rejecting many stones that look dazzling to the untrained eye.


Getting to your perfect diamond starts with learning what you like, from a stone’s cut and style to its size and “personality.” After an initial conversation, we present an edited selection based on your preferences and guide you through the decision-making process.

An Educated Decision

Giving you the knowledge you need to purchase your diamond with confidence is our priority. Our gemologists will brief you on the factors that determine a diamond’s value, and point out the unique or special features of every stone you see.

The Right Price

Cost is always a consideration, but let us ease your mind here as well. There is a diamond for every budget, and we have decades of experience helping people find one that’s right for them in every way.

gemstone sourcing


Spectacular Color

Seeking out the world’s most alluring diamonds and gemstones is something we live for at Greenwich St. Jewelers. Working with some of the finest suppliers and gem cutters in the marketplace, co-owners Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gambale have access to gems in stunning colors, from popular velvety-blue sapphires to unusual, neon green-blue Paraiba tourmaline.

Radiance and Brilliance

Christina selects every one of our diamonds personally, always searching for the greatest visual beauty — a combination of brilliance, fire and each diamond’s unique characteristics. Jennifer seeks out gemstones from award-winning cutters who know best how to bring out color and radiance. While most gemstones on the market have been treated to enhance or stabilize their color, the majority of ours are natural-color gems, which makes them rarer and more special.

Rarest of the Rare

Our access to a vast network of diamond and gemstone suppliers means we can fulfill virtually any request, from jewelry quality to investment-grade stones, locating cuts and colors that are limited in today’s market.


Highest Standards

Although we love the romance and inspiration of jewelry, sourcing our diamonds and gemstones is something we take seriously and do with extreme care. Our gemstones come from suppliers who use only ethical, fair-trade sources.

Known suppliers

The vast majority of our diamonds come to us from one of the world’s largest suppliers and originate in Botswana, Namibia, Russia and South Africa. Every one is conflict-free and mined according to strict standards of environmental and social responsibility. Their mining is carried out for fair wages and under safe conditions, and their profits help their home countries promote sustainable development and invest in community infrastructure.

Canada and beyond

We also offer Canadian diamonds, which are mined, cut and polished in the conflict-free Northwest Territories. The Canadian diamond industry is a model of environmental respect and dedicated to improving livelihoods. If for some reason we can’t find a particular diamond through our normal channels, we tap a number of diamond manufacturers, all Kimberley Process-compliant. This ensures we can satisfy even the most unusual and discriminating diamond requests.

We’re extremely proud of our sourcing efforts, and would be happy to review them with you in more detail.