29 Wednesday Addams-Inspired Items to Add to Your Closet This Year

It may be winter, but Wednesday Addams' glamorous gothic style has extended the spooky season aesthetic, setting the tone for 2023. In the new Tim Burton Netflix series, Wednesday, the soulless teen navigates a series of eerie adventures including a peculiar new school, investigating murder mysteries, and learning how to use her emerging psychic ability, all while finding the time to attend her high school dance. Recent Golden Globe nominee and ceremony presenter Jenny Ortega stars as the beloved daughter of the Addams family clan, captivating the audience with her hollow stare and quirky dance moves, which have since inspired the latest TikTok craze. In the midst of the mysterious madness, it's the Addams family's signature look that's caught everyone's attention.

Wednesday's trademark black dress paired with a crisp white blouse has stepped into the present day, turning her gothic attire into a look beloved by the masses. So this year, whether you're trying to channel Wednesday or the gothic glamour of her mother, Morticia, let the Netflix series be your inspiration for a dark, yet adventurous new look in 2023. Embrace Wednesday's style with a selection of little black dress interpretations by Alessandra Rich and Gucci, or if you want to opt for something a little more glitzy, look on-theme in a Khaite dress which mimics a fashionable spiderweb. And if you're more of a Morticia than a Wednesday, we've got you covered. Look sleek in a Saint Laurent dress and channel the mystique of the mysterious Addams matriarch. Use your imagination and have a little fun with fashion this year by enhancing your 2023 wardrobe with the gothic glam style. Read ahead to shop our picks to help you live out your best Wednesday (or Morticia) Addams aesthetic this year.

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