H.U. to I Do - Taylor + Nate

H.U. to I Do: Taylor + Nate

The Couple

As the famous saying goes, “third times a charm”, and for our newest G.St couple, Nate and Taylor, the stars aligned. The lovely pair met for the first time at a networking event while at Howard University where they both attended for Undergrad. A short and sweet conversation took place, but both parties went their separate ways and didn’t see one another around campus until the following year when they happened to run into each other again while both volunteering off-campus. As fate would have it, the third time they serendipitously united was it - Nate asked Taylor out and the rest is history!

The Proposal

The momentous day had arrived (exactly six years later from their first date) and Nate arranged for him and Taylor to have dinner before attending an Alvin Ailey dance performance that evening. Taylor reminisces, “I remember being most curious to see what restaurant he had chosen for us for dinner. Normally, we choose restaurants together and study the menu because we are both foodies, but I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen.” While on their way to dinner, they took a detour to a park near the 59th St. bridge in New York, where a photographer was waiting for them. Taylor recounts that she and Nate had been in talks of taking professional couple photos together, so seeing the surprise photographer there wasn’t an instant cause for questioning.

As the photographer snapped a few pictures, Nate knelt down on one knee and popped the question to his leading lady. “After he proposed, we took a few more pics with the photographer, enjoyed an Omakase style dinner for our first time and saw a really awesome Alvin Ailey performance. It was a night we'll never forget.”

Nate shares that “earlier in the day, I was concerned that things wouldn't go as planned because of the rain in the forecast and the presumed heavy traffic later that evening. Thankfully the rain had stopped in time as we were arriving at the bridge and once we got there, my nerves were gone!” Taylor expresses “seeing Nate get down on one knee filled me with so much joy. Everything after that was just a blur because I was just so happy and shocked.

The Ring

Nate also took ring-matters into his own hands and came to us here at Greenwich St. Jewelers. With the professional assistance of our very own sales specialist, Dana, and a few hints from his soon-to-be fiancé, he created the “perfect” ring! The perfect ring being the Perry ring from our G.St Ceremony collection- set in rose gold, customized with a pear shaped diamond, and accented with a graduated halo of round brilliant diamonds. A stunning ring that encapsulated everything Taylor had dreamed of: vintage inspired with a unique twist. “I thought the ring was absolutely gorgeous! It was a million times better than anything I could've imagined. I still look down at the ring in amazement at how perfect it is.”

Congratulations to Nate and Taylor, another beautiful G.St couple- we are so honored to have been a part of your special day and story!
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