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The Vibrant World of Alice Cicolini

We can all agree that Alice Cicolini’s enamel jewelry is joyful. But what exactly is it that makes us feel all bubbly inside when looking at these rings? And why does it feel so familiar?

Alice’s award-winning use of bold patterns and vibrant stacks of color is inspired by the 1980’s Memphis design movement. It’s easy to get lost in nostalgia when thinking of the 80’s, isn’t it? Visions of bright interiors, TV shows, music videos, and fashion start rushing in. Maybe some of us would prefer to forget our stylistic choices from that era…but you can’t deny the fun you had in the moment! 

 Alice reimagined Memphis, known for its wild artwork and interiors, in her collection of boldly-hued luxurious jewels. It’s undeniable that the colors surrounding us everyday impact our lives… from wallpaper to clothing and of course, jewelry! For that reason, spirited color combos are a current favorite among artists, fashion designers and interior design studios alike.

This all has to do with the powerful and emotional response we get from pops of color. Even during times of uncertainty or stress, if color is welcomed into your life it can completely transform how you feel. Think about the spontaneous energy of orange or red’s passionate, sexy vibe.

While not many people may be ready to color-drench their apartment or wardrobe (especially us black-clad NYers!), there’s little commitment in treating yourself to a cheerful Alice Cicolini ring or two (or three!) and infusing your spirit with a cheeky bit of lively glamour this holiday season.

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