The most brilliant recycling of all

Sometimes the most treasured pieces of jewelry start with just a stone. If you find a diamond or gemstone you love, we’re experts at working it into a new setting. And unlike many jewelers, our jewelry resetting services in NYC are happy to work with stones you already own.

Our jewelry specialists begin by assessing your gemstone for chips or internal flaws that could pose problems in resetting. Then, they work with you to envision a new design: we review your ideas, offer ours, and guide you on what’s possible. With your approval, our master jeweler begins the transformation, handcrafting the new setting onsite, recutting your stone if necessary.

Sapphire ring

You might also consider an existing setting in our extensive selection, which our master jeweler can personalize with your diamond or gemstone. This offers a faster, potentially less-expensive path to resetting diamonds and gemstones.

Updating tradition

We think jewelry should be worn, not shut away in a velvet box. A gift of heirloom jewelry is a significant and emotional gesture, but when it’s a ring you’d never wear, resetting diamonds and gemstones in a look that’s more your style offers a way to honor the giver while enjoying something that’s beautiful to you.

We find the change to be thrilling. Heirloom stones are reborn in fresh settings, whether it’s a new ring, a pendant, earrings or even a bracelet. They allow you to extend the life of family treasures, often in looks more dramatic and beautiful than you might have imagined possible. And we love that the sentiment gains new life, too. Call Greenwich St. Jewelers today for more information about our in-store service for jewelry resetting in NYC.