March Magic: Celebrating Women, and the Enchanting Power of Aquamarine

March always has a special place in our hearts here at G.St. Not only is it our co-owner Jennifer Gandia’s birth month, and our favorite time to celebrate flowing pisces energy, but March also happens to be Women’s History Month.

Jennifer Gandia store owner and pisces, holding aquamarine gemstone


In this month’s journal, we wanted to explore some of the incredible female lead brands that we love, plus take a deep dive into the symbolic power of March’s birthstone and astrological signs. 

So settle in for a journey through March magic, and discover our favorite pieces to pair with the spring awakening this magical month has in store!

Elevating Female Lead Brands

Throughout history, jewelry has been an emblem of female power. Women used gems as an expression of their true identities, as well as a place to store their wealth before they were granted the economic freedom of bank accounts and credit cards. 

Charles Beaubrun Attributed To, Portrait Of A Woman In A Blue Dress With Lots Of Jewellery. is a painting by Charles Beaubrun

 Attributed To, Portrait Of A Woman In A Blue Dress With Lots Of Jewellery. Painting by Charles Beaubrun 

Through the beauty of gems, a woman could demonstrate their independent, fearless spirit, and stake their claim to a space that was all their own. However, for much of that history, the jewelry women wore was created by men. Today, we’re proud to break the mold!

At G.St, we’re a women-run workplace, where the majority of our team members identify as women. We consider it our mission to elevate women in the jewelry world—in fact, nearly two thirds of our designers are women! Discover all the jewelry designed by women both in-store and online.

Greenwich St. Jewelers showroom and female staff hands together wearing rings

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Jennifer’s birthday just happens to fall on March 8th, International Women’s Day, which is the first week of Women’s History Month. 

Jennifer sketching jewelry designes

This year’s theme is Break the Bias, with a campaign that aims to take action for equality by valuing and celebrating our differences. As a women-led workplace, we’re passionate about working for a world where women are valued for their individual contributions, and feel their creativity is celebrated every day.


International Women's Day Theme Break the Bias illustration

We wanted to spotlight two of the themes of women’s history month we most identify with, to do our bit to #breakthebias.

One of the Women’s History Month missions is to, “Forge inclusive work cultures where women's careers thrive and their achievements are celebrated.” At G.St, we’re so proud to elevate our majority female team, creating a unique space where women can thrive in their professional successes, and find mutual support.

Another mission that resonated with us was their vow to, “Celebrate the work of women creatives and elevate visibility for commercial projects and commissions.”

We’re celebrating this month by highlighting some of the amazing women designers we love, so make sure to sign up for our emails to get a sneak peak behind the scenes and discover your new favorite designers, while celebrating women’s rise in the fine jewelry world.

Exploring March Gems 

Last but not least, let's talk about gemstones! We love marking the passage of time by celebrating the unique gemstone associated with each month, and for March we’re all in on aquamarine.

Aquamarine Jewelry

As the first days of spring arrive in the city, Jennifer has been celebrating her flowing pisces energy with her gorgeous Jamie Joseph Power Ring, a stunning talisman that invites calm and tranquility into her life, sparkling sweetly from within a gold and silver setting. Suggesting themes of balance and divine grace, Jennifer loves the way this ring helps her feel grounded and centered.


Aquamarine Jamie Joseph ring worn on Jennifer Gandia

The inspiring qualities of the Power Ring are tied to ancient aquamarine lore. Aquamarine has long been considered a healing stone, associated with deep feelings of trust and the ability to let go. Known as the stone of courage, aquamarine was used as a talisman to protect voyagers at sea. It is purported to be a powerful good luck stone that enhances the wearer’s acuity, encouraging their innate ability to be prepared while accelerating intellectual reasoning.

These days, we love aquamarine’s soothing tones for the way they help maintain balance and order. Aquamarine’s light blue hue is associated with happiness, hope, and everlasting youth, summoning a soft, flowing energy that is believed to have a soothing effect on relationships. 

Jamie joseph cocktail rings with aquamarine

These qualities make it especially appropriate as a gift for a loved one, bringing feelings of peace, happiness, and joy to those who wear it. Once you’re all stocked up on aquamarine, explore the Astra collection to find a ring or necklace for the Pisces or Aries you adore!

Astra necklaces Pisces collection

Pisces can look forward to an especially glorious March, as astrologers predict March 5th will be their luckiest day of the year! March is Pisces season, a time when you’ll have a burst of confidence that will help you further your imaginative and professional goals. Keep your eye on the prize with a powerful Astra talisman designed to channel your inner warrior.

Astra pisces signet ring

For fiery Aires, March signals a chance to break free. Take some time to daydream and be at peace with yourself, reflecting on your goals and hearts desire as you begin your next trip around the sun. An Astra pendant or ring is a potent reminder of the new growth energy you’re nurturing this month, fueling your confidence as you step boldly into the spotlight.

Astra aries pendant charm necklace


Whether you’re a March baby, or just love one, this month marks an incredible chance at rebirth, stepping into the light of a new day. Honor your intuition and the softness of feminine strength with an aquamarine gem that sparkles to reflect your inner light.

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