May Journal: Cherish Mother's Day with Christina

As spring settles in and the tulips start blooming in the garden of Trinity Church, the G.St Team welcomes guests seeking Mother’s Day treasures. 
To celebrate the upcoming holiday, we sat down with Christina Gandia, G.St’s resident Super Mom, to learn more about her plans for this season of renewal and get the lowdown on this year’s best Mother’s Day gifts. Ready to start exploring? Shop our selection of gifts for Mom, or read on to get the inside scoop from Christina.

Christina’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 
Helping clients seek out the perfect Mother’s Day gift has always been such a joyful blending of the two parts of Christina's life. 
"Jewelry is the perfect token of our love for the mothers in our lives—whether they’re the women who raised us, the partners and friends who support our own children, or simply a gift to ourselves that reminds us to nurture and mother our inner children all year long," she says.
Here are Christina's top seven picks for the best Mother’s Day pieces of 2022:

I love how designer Lorraine West elevated this classic heart motif with playful pave diamonds - it's a necklace both mom and little ones will adore!

Balancing subtlety and statement, these Gilded hoops are the perfect celebration of the complexity of motherhood. The offset sprinkled diamonds serve as a reminder to find beauty in the chaos of raising a family!

Emeralds are the official stone of May, making these showstopper earrings the perfect ode to this month's celebration of motherhood. 

There’s nothing better than taking care of business - whether that's during your 9 to 5 or the 24/7 hours of motherhood. I love the professional polish of this 18k yellow gold bangle with just the right amount of sparkle. 


Personalized, hand-crafted gifts are SO thoughtful. Engrave this gold Sarah McGuire bracelet with the name or initials of your loved ones. 

If you’re buying for a busy mom, you want to give her something she can wear all day, every day - like this this gorgeous rose cut sapphire bead strand necklace.

Summon your inner mama bear with a Power Ring from beloved Australian jewelry designer Jamie Joseph! The natural patterns in this Australian opal brings back fun family vacation memories of a recent trip to Puerto Rico.

Where Work Meets Family
christina with kids mothers day
While the new store opening is definitely kicking her schedule up a notch, balancing work and life is nothing new for Christina.
Finding balance between my home and work life is an everlasting challenge!” she says. “As my daughters grow older and our business expands, I find myself pulled in both directions often.”
G.St has always been a family business, so Christina has an excellent model for her work and private life in conversation, rather than competition. “When I am working, I am all in and when I am off, I am completely focused on my family,” she says. “Sometimes the lines get blurred, but I always remind myself that keeping this balance will allow me to be present to both parts of my life.”

Christina’s own mother inspired a piece she often returns to this time of year, celebrating May and the coming of spring with the vivid green emerald associated with this month. “My mother gifted me an emerald which I had mounted in our Ludlow setting,” Christina says. “I wear it often and am reminded of my mother’s strength and all that she has taught me.”


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