January Journal: Jennifer + Christina's favorite NYC galleries, restaurants, and jewelry.

For the Gandia sisters, the New Year marks a special time to pause and reflect. For stargazer Jennifer, January brings a search for faith and good omens, while Christina gets cozy and enjoys the pleasures of winter in the city. 


We sat down with the sisters to learn more about their top picks for January—from what they’re reading and exploring to the jewelry that’s bringing enchantment into the early days of the Year of the Tiger, traditionally considered a year that brings enthusiasm, adventure, and progress.  


Jennifer’s January 

As Jennifer moves forward into the many changes 2022 is bringing to the G. Street team, from an exciting new space to fresh design challenges, it’s only appropriate to wear a stunning emblem of good fortune on her ears!

Always drawn to the art of cartomancy, Jennifer is beginning 2022 with a gorgeous new tarot book from legendary intuitive counselor Laetitia Barbier, while reaching for one of her favorite pieces to kick off the new year—a stunning pair of sculptural vendome diamond hoop earrings from Nouvelle Heritage. As Barbier might tell you, The Sun is a celebration of happiness and harmony, representing the shining power of the universe in sync with our desires, making these earrings the perfect symbol of the challenges and growth the new year will bring.

Although it might feel far away, springtime is just around the corner, and with it comes a season of planning for the garden at Jennifer’s upstate abode. She loves to gather inspiration from Floret Flowers, where she finds stunning visuals and education about how to cultivate a stunning garden. While she waits for the bloom of Spring, Jennifer has been reveling in this gorgeous rainbow hued gemstone bead necklace from colorful craftswoman Mallary Marks. “All my favorite flower colors are in this necklace,” enthuses Jennifer, providing playful inspiration for abundant spring days to come.

Earlier this month, Jennifer escaped the gray city days with a trip to Revelation, the Andy Warhol show at the Brooklyn Museum, which she’s been recommending to all her friends. Exploring Warhol’s relationship to his faith, the show resonates deeply with Jennifer’s own practices. “Spiritual talismans are how I infuse meaning into my jewelry wardrobe,” she says of a favorite charm necklace from designer Erica Molinari, which frames the iconic saint Mary Magdalene’s silver and gold design with a row of petite diamonds. A potent symbol of femininity and faith, it’s quickly become a favorite charm she returns to again and again.


Christina’s Cozy Chic
Just like her sister, Christina Gandia loves the contemplative energy January in the city brings, and there’s nothing she enjoys more than cozying up after a long day with an excellent book. Lately she’s been reading Heather Clark’s much buzzed about bio of Sylvia Plath, one of Christina’s favorite poets. Never afraid of a bold aesthetic statement, Plath would have loved this amorphous diamond pendant necklace from Todd Pownell, A symbol of transformation, this pendant is a powerful reminder that the only constant is change, a theme Plath returned to again and again in her inspiring work.

Pendants seem to be the theme of the month for Christina, who has developed something of a signature cozy-chic aesthetic over the past few wintery weeks. “With the cold weather, I love to wear cozy, oversized sweaters, and a great long pendant necklace to wear with it,” Christina says. She adores this elevated take on the classic pullover style from Reiss, paired with a bold astrological pendant from G.St’s new Astra collection. Simultaneously mystical and down to earth, this never fail combo helps Christina reach for the stars as she contemplates the many exciting challenges 2022 promises to hold.
As the G.St team gears up for the big new location opening in Tribeca, Christina’s been enjoying exploring her new neighborhood. One standout has been the luxe farm to table favorite One White Street, where the menu of elevated bistro classics is built on ingredients sourced from their upstate farm. Christina loves a working date night at the neighborhood favorite with this modern emerald statement ring from Chroma, which we think looks great on a hand wrapped around a glass of natural wine. “A luxe environment with a luxe ring,” says Christina, “What could be better?”
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