Our Sourcing

Our Commitment

Impeccable sourcing. Inspired artistry.

We curate thoughtfully sourced materials to create unforgettable jewelry. From certified recycled gold to responsibly sourced diamonds and precious gemstones, our jewelry meets unsurpassed standards of craftsmanship.

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Our Natural Diamonds

G.St’s center and melee diamonds are responsibly sourced from manufacturers who meet exacting standards of environmental and social responsibility. Our diamonds are mostly sourced from Canada, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, with mining operations carried out with fair wages under safe conditions, and profits helping these countries promote sustainable development and investment in community infrastructure. We do not work with suppliers from Russia.

Our Responsibly-Sourced Diamonds Include:

Kimberly Process

De Beers Code of Origin

Tracr™ Blockchain Platform by De Beers

GIA Diamonds of Origin

Canadian Certified 

Our Gemstones

Our Gemstones

G.St purchases gemstones from responsible vendors who give back to their communities with education, training, and fair wages for all, ensuring that our master jewelers have their choice of the world’s finest, traceable gems.

Anza Gems sources gemstones in East Africa while teaching the marketable skills of gem-cutting, grading and sorting to independent artisans working there. The company reinvests 10% of their sales back into education and other initiatives promoting a positive local impact.

Columbia Gem House developed the world's first Fair Trade Gems® Protocols, focusing on mine-to-market traceability for every gemstone they sell. Since 1976, they have operated in a way that creates a positive impact at every touch point, both with the people and environment involved.

Dudley Blauwet Gems has been offering natural, traceable, fairtrade gemstones sourced from all over the world for 40+ years.

Moyo Gems is a successful mine-to-market collaboration in East Africa, empowering female gemstone artisans in Tanzania and Kenya while promoting fair trade and equitable markets.

Muzo Emeralds in Colombia practices a high level of social and environmental responsibility. They give back to the community by supporting ongoing professional development and have developed modern mining practices which improve local living conditions. Their extensive reforestation, hydroseeding and erosion control programs help protect the environment for the future.

Our Gold

Materials used in-house for repairs, restoration, bespoke jewelry and our G.St brand collections are sourced through verified third-party certified suppliers.

We source 100% recycled precious metals that are verified by SCS Global Services Certification, a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability standards. Additionally, our partners are members of The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a London-based international oversight organization which verifies companies using responsible ethical and environmental practices throughout their operations.

This gold is used in our Astra, Chroma, Gilded, G.St Ceremony and Sycamore Studio collections, as well as the custom designs and repair work performed in our workshop.

We are proud to use Fairmined Official Gold in our Chroma line, sourced only from artisanal and small-scale mining operations meeting stringent environmental and fair labor practice requirements which promote local craftspeople and communities. In 2022 we gained Fairmined Official Certification, and launched our first collection made entirely with Fairmined Official Gold.

Our Collections

Our Collections

We have designed and created G.St brand collections in-house with the aforementioned materials including — Astra, Chroma, Gilded, and Diamonds by G.St are a fusion of timeless and modern jewelry box essentials, inspired by the style of our clients and made in NYC.

Our Lab Grown Diamonds

Our Lab Grown Diamonds

Our lab grown diamonds are Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds (SCS Certified)

5 Pillars of Achievement needed to offer

  1. Verified Origin Traceability: Guaranteeing the origin of each certified diamond through advanced testing, gem identification protocols, surveillance audits and sampling across the supply chain.
  2. Twelve Principles of Ethical Stewardship: Adhering to comprehensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements.
  3. Verified Climate Neutrality: Achieving true climate neutrality based on the most stringent climate protocols addressing both current and legacy emissions.
  4. Sustainable Production Practices: Eliminating or offsetting environmental and human health impacts.
  5. Sustainability Investments: Creating societal benefits through investments that uplift vulnerable communities, clean the air and water, protect the climate and protect endangered ecosystems.