EDDI class of 2023

Are you ready to be dazzled by the next generation of jewelry designers? The Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative (EDDI) has just dropped its highly anticipated 2023 class, and it's nothing short of a jewelry revolution. Thanks to a groundbreaking collaboration between Only Natural Diamonds and Lorraine Schwartz, these exceptional creations are now available both online and in-store at  Greenwich St. Jewelers. The program provides invaluable education, opportunities, and resources to emerging talents.

EDDI class of 2023

Our Tribeca boutique is proudly showcasing the EDDI 2023 Class, and we can't wait for you to explore their extraordinary collections. What sets these designers apart is their unwavering passion and inspiration drawn from personal experiences and heritage. Each piece is a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship and creativity.

Let's dive into the world of these game-changing designers:

  1. Amina Sorel: A gemologist with a flair for custom designs, Amina infuses her responsibly sourced and mindfully made collection with whimsy, positive energy, and symbolic silhouettes.

  2. Bernard James: With a decade of fashion design experience, this Native New Yorker explores community, identity, and floral silhouettes inspired by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in his first fine jewelry collection.

  3. Gwen Beloti: Gwen's size-inclusive line celebrates the power of adornment for all body types. Her designs respect jewelry's small scale while making a powerful statement in style.

  4. Jevela by Jessenia Landrum: Jessenia's natural diamond collection is an ode to travel, movement, and connection. It serves as a meditation on evolution and familial bonds.

  5. Metal x Wire by Symone Currie: Symone's background in architecture and engineering shines through in her collection. She seamlessly merges form and function with modular links and sculptural stacks.

  6. Rosario Navia_: Argentine heritage is at the heart of Rosario's genderless collection, which features diamond-forward designs named after family members and boasts an alluring asymmetry.

The diversity and individuality of these designers' creations promise something for everyone. Explore the entire collection and their incredible designs.



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