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real proposal story

  • Real Proposal Stories: Jeffrey and Matthew's Road Trip Proposal

    road trip proposal

    Jeffrey and Matthew met through mutual friends in August 2010 in Baton Rouge, LA where they both grew up. For their first date, Matthew invited Jeffrey over to his house for a home cooked meal. The two instantly connected and knew this was something special.
    Eleven months after their first date, the two decided to take a huge leap and moved to Austin together. It was now just them and their two dogs - Jack and Sissy. They have spent the last 4 years living in Austin and enjoying everything about the city, especially all of the outdoor spaces that central Texas has to offer.
    road trip proposal 2 Jack, the couple's adorable Daschund

    After the Supreme Court landmark decision on same-sex marriage in June, Jeffrey knew he had the best opportunity to surprise Matthew.  Until this point, Jeffrey told Matthew he had to be the one to ask and it had to be perfect.  According to Jeffrey, “We tend have slightly different taste when it comes to fashion, and a few years back we saw this Jamie Joseph ring in passing while at a jewelry store with friends. We both loved it right away. It was a great balance of simple with an element of fun and sparkle to it. Even though we were a few years away from getting engaged, I bookmarked the ring and came back to it recently to order from Greenwich St. Jewelers for the proposal. We ordered a matching set because we really loved the idea of both having the same ring.”

    Matthew and Jeffrey enjoy hiking, road trips, traveling and being lazy together.  According to Matthew, “some of the best days are spent just cuddled together on the couch with Jack watching bad TV.” The couple decided to take an eleven day road trip to visit 11 national parks. They had spent the few weeks prior to the trip planning out all the details and tried to cram it all in as best they could. On the last evening, the couple arrived at their favorite hotel in Marfa, TX for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.  Unbeknownst to Matthew, Jeffrey had a surprise planned.

    road trip proposal 3

    After taking a nap in some hammocks on the hotel grounds, they decided it was time to break out the champagne to celebrate their last night of the road trip and all of the things they’ve accomplished throughout their trip.  As they walked back to the hammocks, Matthew pointed out the sunset and they both let out a sigh of relief and slight sadness since this was the last sunset they would see on their trip.  Sunset and sunrise have always been their favorite times of the day. Beginning in their first apartment, Matthew and Jeffrey would often enjoy a drink on their balcony while  watching the sky change color as the sun set over the hills behind their apartment.

    sunrise at grand canyon Sunrise at the Grand Canyon during the road trip
    road trip proposal 4 Engaged!

    As they approached the hammocks, Jeffrey asked Matthew to sit for a second so they could face each other. Matthew was a bit confused but reluctantly did what he was asked and Jeffrey began by saying “The past ten days have been incredible and I could not imagine doing this trip with anyone else.  I’m so happy at what we’ve accomplished and seen on this trip and even more so because we were able to do it together. You make me so happy and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and have many more trips like this in the future. Will you marry me?”

    Matthew said yes as the sun was setting and the sky was lighting up with the purples and pinks that make a beautiful sunset. Neither of them could have imagined a more perfect and serene moment.

  • Real Proposal Stories: Jessy and Stephania’s Vinyl Record Player Engagement

    record player engagement

    It was not an easy feat for Jessy to find his girlfriend Stephania an engagement ring.  To add on to the typical nerves one experiences when making this purchase, Stephania is not a jewelry wearer.  She did not have Pinterest boards with rings or other trails of breadcrumbs for Jessy to follow.

    Eventually, Jessy’s friends gave him the final push he needed to get engaged and took him to a jewelry store, which mostly had traditional engagement rings.   “I didn’t really like anything they had to offer, but it was a start,” Jessy said.  “Spending a lot of money on something she typically doesn’t like didn’t sit well with me,” he explained.

    Jessy left the jewelry store determined to get Stephania something special, a piece she would love even though she doesn’t love jewelry, a ring that was uniquely her.  He started doing research online, searching for antique, vintage and alternative engagement rings.  He found inspiration that he felt was right, and after getting confirmation from his mom and sister, knew he had the perfect ring idea.  Now he had to begin the journey of getting it made.

    Jessy spoke to a friend of his who went through the same struggle and had recommended Greenwich Jewelers.  Jessy came in to meet with our jewelry specialist, Lee Terranova, and brought his inspiration photos.  Together, they began to design a custom ring with the help of one of our designers, Megan Thorne.  The exquisite jewel featured a rose-cut center diamond set in a satin-finish white gold setting.  To add a personal touch to the ring, Jessy designed the band to mimic the paisley tattoo Stephania has on her shoulder.

    record player proposal

    Now that he had the perfect ring, it was time to plan a proposal to match.  Jessy started by recording a song of himself singing to Stephania, and had it printed on a vinyl record.  He took the record with him as they left for their trip upstate, where they went to watch the Lyrid meteor showers.  Jessy and Stephania had been waiting almost 10 years to see this celestial event.

    Once inside the home they were staying with Jessy’s family, Jessy took out the record player and a group of vinyls.  Stephania put one on the player, and Jessy waited eagerly with anticipation as she listened to two full albums before discovering the one he had made.

    record player proposal 2

    record player proposal 3

    Jessy designed the album cover with the original engagement ring sketch from designer Megan Thorne.  As soon as she heard his voice, Stephania knew it was Jessy singing.  She began to cry and asked “what’s this all about?” as Jessy told her to listen to the song all the way through.  When the song ended, he asked her to stand up and kneeled down as he asked her to marry him.  Jokingly, Stephania said “no” at first and embraced Jessy in a giant hug, followed by an enthusiastic “yes.”

    After celebrations with Jessy’s family, the group went outside to watch the meteor shower.  They ended the night with an incredible show of fifteen shooting stars, adding a magical touch to their dream proposal story.

    View our Custom Design page for more information on creating a ring for your love story.

  • Real Proposal Stories: Trisha and Eric

    Our clients, Trisha & Eric, recently got engaged with a one-of-a-kind tourmaline ring from Megan Thorne.  See photos of the ring and this fun-loving couple below, plus read their love story!

    All photos of Trisha and Eric by Patrick L. Pfister/


    Eric and Trisha met in the late summer of 2011 at the Hash House Harriers in New York City.  Eric is a marathon runner and this group, which has chapters worldwide, is his social group that is coined as 'a drinking group with a running problem' since every run ends at a bar.  Trisha knew about 'the hash' for years because her first roommate in New York was a 'hasher', but she didn't decide to join the group until her friend Leslie convinced her to go. This was also an opportunity for Trisha to meet men outside her regular circles, but it was a little intimidating because she had never run more than three miles at a time in her life!
    When Trisha met Eric she knew right away that he was unlike any guy she had ever dated before and since she saw him every week she had a chance to get to know him as a friend before they actually went on a first date.  Once they started dating they fell in love quickly and soon were inseparable.  They moved in together in an apartment on a tree lined street in Brooklyn the following fall 2012.
    After Eric and Trisha visited her family at Christmas 2012, they realized her family had been hoping she would come home with an engagement ring. After the Christmas trip the wheels started turning in Eric's mind about proposing and Eric and Trisha discussed getting engaged in the spring.
    Eric knew that the best way to find out what Trisha wanted for her engagement ring was to consult her best friends.  Little did he know, Trisha had never even tried on an engagement ring. After doing a little research online she decided she wanted a colored stone, but she was open to color and setting. She gathered a few of her best girlfriends and made an appointment at Greenwich St. Jewelers because of their amazing array of designers and variety of unique pieces. They met with Lee Terranova who consulted with her and showed her the Megan Thorne ring she will wear for the rest of her life. It literally made Trisha gasp and her friend, Beth, start to cry in the store.
    Once Eric found out what ring Trisha liked the best from her shopping trip he got so excited he ran out and bought it as soon as he could sneak over to Greenwich Jewelers.  He proposed the following evening in their apartment. His original plan was to wait until the spring to propose in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden under the cherry blossoms, but once he had the ring it was burning a hole in his pocket.  Once Trisha saw the ring she couldn't stop saying 'You got me the one I really wanted!'.  They went to a wine bar nearby to celebrate and returned home to call all their family and friends.
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