Sucheta + Arnab: From Hinge to Hitched

Sucheta + Arnab

Sucheta and Arnab may have found each other on the popular dating app Hinge, but as we know, fate has a funny way of making things happen even in a vast ocean of fish. After sharing their stories and background, it turns out their parents already know each other! They then realized how many mutual friends they had in common, making for an even more natural connection and pairing.

Down the road, Sucheta surprised Arnab with a 30th birthday celebration and many of their friends came in from out of town to celebrate with them on a Saturday night. The next morning, Arnab had a surprise of his own. He mentioned that the birthday festivities would be continuing with their friends at The Public Hotel, where they had been staying while visiting. Yet, to Sucheta's surprise, she found just Arnab on the rooftop with the glimmering skyline behind them, where he then proceeded to drop down on one knee and propose!

Arnab shares, " I was equal parts extremely nervous and extremely excited! This was months of planning finally coming to fruition and I wanted everything to be perfect... I was so ready to be engaged!

Sucheta expresses, "It's very hard to pull a surprise over on me, so I was very impressed he pulled it off! I was overwhelmed by him, the lovely city views, and of course the BEAUTIFUL ring. I was finally engaged!"

Sucheta's gorgeous engagement ring is our timeless G.St Ceremony Baxter solitaire setting with a cushion cut diamond. "The ring was absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted! It filled every criteria I had in my mind for my engagement ring and I still can't believe that it's mine when I look down at my hand every day."

The bride-to-be shares about their experience working with our Senior Fine Jewelry Specialist, Molly, and how the process of finding her dream ring, came to fruition. "Arnab and I sat down with Molly who was oh so helpful! We wanted to create a smaller universe for [him] to eventually pick from. The best way I'd describe it is I helped show him the neighborhood and he picked the perfect house!  I knew I wanted a cushion cut and a solitaire but everything else, the band, the setting, the exact diamond - that was all Arnab!"

We are so overjoyed to celebrate the engagement of this beautiful couple and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story!

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