June Journal: G.St x TENTHOUSANDTHINGS: Uniting Two NYC Jewelry Legends for Pride and Beyond

G.St + TENTHOUSANDTHINGS: Uniting Two NYC Jewelry Legends



Pride is a special time at G.St, a celebration of individuality, freedom, and the hard won right to be exactly who you are. We always love the opportunity Pride creates to celebrate our fellow LGBTQ+ New Yorkers—especially our fellow dreamers, creators, and connoisseurs in the New York jewelry scene.

That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate this year’s Pride by welcoming legendary jewelry brand TENTHOUSANDTHINGS to the G.St family. For over three decades, Ron Anderson and David Rees, the brilliant minds behind TENTHOUSANDTHINGS, have been obsessively searching the world for extraordinary stones. Working with artisans in Jaipur, they transform their wax carvings into sculptural dreams in silver and gold. Inspired by the abstract forms found in nature, rough stones are magically transformed into luminous shapes with an aura of subtlety and nuance, custom compositions which become modern heirlooms to treasure.


They’ve collaborated with legendary artistic institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art to create pieces that channel the brilliant creativity of the New York art world. Simply put, their work looks like nothing else out there. Each jewel is an iconic symbol of individual creativity, beauty, and strength - the perfect talisman to summon a more powerful pride. It is truly a joy to introduce their work. We’ve even dreamed up a little something special just for you to kick off the big launch!

Giving Back With A Special Collaboration

To celebrate Pride Month, the Greenwich St. Jewelers team has worked with TENTHOUSANDTHINGS to create a special Ethiopian opal edition of their signature Chiclet necklace design, to be sold exclusively at G.St.“When we began talking about a collaboration to launch for Pride to benefit the LGBTQ+ community we knew it had to be with TENTHOUSANDTHINGS,” G.St co-owner Jennifer Gandia says. “Ron and David are artists and elders who've created an iconic brand on their own authentic terms. Their designs are sexy, fluid and bold, which mirrors the qualities of the community. When we got together to discuss the piece, I wanted it to be one of their quintessential styles but done in a fresh way.” 

The TENTHOUSANDTHINGS team delivered with a dreamy new design that brings a bold energy to their timeless Chiclet style. ”The chiclet is one of the very first hand cut custom gemstone designs we ever made in our 31 years of business,” says TENTHOUSANDTHINGS co-founder and designer David Rees. “It embodies our signature minimalist yet powerful aesthetic. It's an enduring, classic piece that our clients are passionate about. It's owned and worn by many celebrities and public figures, and has been featured in countless movies and TV shows.”

David brought a special twist to this exclusive creation with a charismatic commitment to the complexities and tonality of his materials. “It was David's idea to use a stone that held a rainbow within, to reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, and the spectrum of human sexuality and gender,” Jennifer says. “The Ethiopian opals are simply magnificent, each one displays all the hues of the rainbow  and the stone's rectangular shape is simple and powerful.”


And the best part? This is a gift that gives back, through Pride Month and all year long. 25% of all the proceeds from the sales of these special pieces will be donated to SAGE, a natural advocacy and services organization that has been working tirelessly to support LGBTQ+ elders since 1978.

“We chose SAGE because the pandemic has been especially hard on the elderly,” David said. “They need more support now than ever, especially during a time where marginalized people are being pushed out until they disappear due to the current economic situations. SAGE is serving the originators of the movement, and giving back to them is a way of honoring our forebears of the struggle."

With every purchase of a G.St x TENTHOUSANDTHINGS Pride Chiclet necklace, you’ll be representing your love for New York’s vibrant LGBTQ+ community and letting your light shine bright through Pride Month and beyond. 

Celebrating Love at G.St

If your new Chiclet is inspiring you with the spirit of giving back, there are so many worthy local and national organizations supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Donating time, money, or resources is the best way to honor the spirit of Pride! Here are some of our G.St community’s favorite organizations to support throughout the year:

  • Since 1998, the Trevor Project has supported LGBTQ+ youth with mental health interventions and community support on a national level.
  • The Family Equality Council provides resources to LGBTQ+ parents and families, and protects LGBTQ+ families throughout the United States from discrimintaiton.
  • Here in New York, The Center has been empowering LGBTQ+ people and building strong community connections since 1983.
  • The Ali Forney Center supports efforts to house, feed, and provide resources to LGBTQ+ unhoused youth throughout New York City.
  • The Audre Lorde Project celebrates the powerful legacy of the legendary poet through mobilization, education, and capacity-building efforts
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