Uniquely You: How To Style Your Perfect Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

Which goes first, the engagement ring or wedding ring? What if you want to stack an eternity band? Do they need to match? Discover the many ways you can wear your rings.

  1. Stack Your Story

First up, let’s talk ring stacking. Traditionally, ring choices were focused on the two-ring set with the wedding band slipped on first, under the engagement ring—legend has it that this was so it was closest to the heart. This is still a hugely popular choice for many, but as we’re increasingly looking for more personalization, more choice, stacking multiple wedding bands has now become a major trend. Thanks to the creativity and seemingly endless styling potential it offers, think high-shine bands, diamond details, shadow bands, or a layer of colorful gemstones. And, just like your love story, no two stacks are likely to be the same.

So, where do you start with curating your dream edit? Trying on an array of options in store with the assistance of one of our experts will help you decide on the bands you want to include and how you’ll wear them. For example, if you choose a three-ring stack, you might find that the two wedding bands work best first, under the engagement ring, or that your engagement ring looks best when centered between the two bands. You could end up loving both ways too, meaning you can switch up the order you wear them in depending on the occasion. That’s the beauty of the stack too—it’s flexibility. 

Another element to consider is whether you want to create a visually similar effect or if you’re looking to build out a more diverse, statement look. For complementing styles, the high-shine Laight Wedding Band works well with the micropavé detailing on the Barrow Diamond Wedding Band. If it’s a more diamond-brilliant effect you’re after, the Allen Diamond Wedding Band and the Liberty Diamond Wedding Band make an impactful pairing thanks to that interplay of the round and marquise cut diamonds. Again, your stylist will be able to help you discover a combination that looks and feels right for you.

And remember, you can add to it on anniversaries and other milestone moments too with eternity bands like the Mercer Three Quarters-Eternity Diamond Band or the Jane 3.00tcw Diamond Eternity Band, building your collection for years to come. 

  1. Mix Your Metals

If you’re new to the mixed metal game, there’s every reason to try this trend. An effortless way to create a set that’s unique and eye-catching, the bonus is that it will work with all your favorite jewelry too.

If you have a white gold engagement ring, try pairing it with a yellow gold band—or vice versa, for a more subtle take on the trend. For a more color-intense look, try a rose gold engagement ring with a yellow gold wedding band like the Washington Bezel Set Oval Diamond Wedding Band. You can also mix metals within the engagement ring setting itself if you want a more nuanced effect.

Avoid mixing platinum with gold of any color. Platinum has a density and hardness that can cause excess wear to gold—which is a softer metal, and over time this will affect the quality of your gold ring. White gold makes a stellar alternative to platinum, creating a similar color-play and perfectly complementing both yellow and rose golds.

  1. Shape Shifting

You may have had your heart set on a specific diamond cut for your engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try a different shape for your wedding band. The mix of multi-faceted cuts of each shape can create exquisite sparkling effects. And, if you’ve gone more classic with your engagement ring, why not try something a little more fancy for your wedding band, like our Greene Marquise Diamond Wedding Band or Washington Bezel Set Oval Diamond Wedding Band to give multiple dimensions to your look. 

There's every reason to get a little more creative with the shape of wedding band itself too, playing with proportions and space. A curved design—sometimes called contour or shadow band, like our Cedar Curved Diamond Pave Band or Clarkson Diamond Shadow Band frames your engagement ring with an extra layer of diamonds. Helping that center-stone pop—and giving it space to breathe, curved bands also create a negative space halo effect too for added interest.

  1. Turn Things Around  

A diamond shape with a difference, the east-west setting is an inimitable and impactful option that’s been growing in popularity in recent years. Turning fancy shapes—such as pears or marquises, horizontally, east-west settings can actually be a more comfortable way to wear these statement shapes, and also help your wedding band stand-out, allowing for a clearer top view. 

And, they’re not just reserved for engagement ring center-stones, you can add east-west orientations to your rings in a few different ways. This exquisite Moore Salt & Pepper Pear Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring features a pear-shaped diamond and east-west accent stones. You could wear a wedding band starring east-west oval diamonds such as the Varick Oval Diamond Wedding Band. Or, for a more subtle take on this trend, the Petite Murray Eternity Wedding Band features neat, minimalist east-west baguette diamonds.

  1. Go Wide

For a more directional silhouette, try stacking different widths for your wedding band and engagement ring to build out a sense of scale. Wedding bands wider than 3mm are in high demand right now providing a statement counterpart to a more delicate engagement ring. And, with more width comes more detailing too such as the texture and brilliance of this rose gold Reade Diamond Wedding Band. With its flush-set stones and bold band it will add a contemporary edge to any look.

  1. Color Play

While diamonds will likely remain the most popular stones to feature in your engagement ring you can still add a splash of color with your wedding band. Depending on your palette preferences, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other gemstones provide the perfect pop to complement the icy hue iridescent tones of your diamond. And, there really are no rules when it comes to adding color; it’s all about what works for you. If you're more of a maximalist, go bold with two hues a full band of color framing your engagement ring, or for a subtle effect, an eternity band of  half  colored gemstones mixed with diamonds eternity band might be more your look. Consider including meaningful stones too—birthstones or anniversaries make for great milestone color moments.

Can’t decide which wedding band or engagement ring styles are right for you? Make a virtual or in-store appointment  and let our experts assist you. You can take your time trying on and discovering different shapes, cuts, and settings, until you meet your match.

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