Marla Aaron Launches New Exclusive Collections at G.St

Marla Aaron has unveiled her latest masterpiece, the 'True Lovers Knot' lock and chain series, sold exclusively at Greenwich St. Jewelers in the heart of NYC.  G.St will also be the sole retailer offering Marla Aaron's DiMe Siempre engagement rings.

Photo of Marla Aaron at Greenwich St. Jewelers

Marla Aaron's patented DiMe series, inspired by Gimmel Rings dating back to the 14th century, introduces a modern twist with a unique mechanism for mechanical rings. These rings, with diamonds or stones of various shapes and sizes, allow for meaningful engravings on the interior of the bands.

The DiMe Siempre engagement rings, marked their debut at Greenwich St. Jewelers, showcasing six distinct styles from solitaire, to Marla's own 'Tu Y Yo' and even a sapphire & diamond trio.

Model holding Marla Aaron's DiMe Siempre ring


Crafted with inspiration from the symbolic "true lover's knot," a fisherman rope knot representing love and fidelity, the True Lovers Knot Lock seamlessly connects with other Marla Aaron locks, charms, chains, and strands. It also serves as an ideal holder for rings on a chain, offering practicality for moments when hands are occupied with activities like cooking, gardening, working out, or rock climbing etc.

Model wearing True Lovers Knot and DiMe Siempre ring 

The True Lover’s Knot locks and chains not only complement each other beautifully but also stand alone as versatile pieces that can be combined with other Marla Aaron creations. 

Model wearing True Lovers knot as a bracelet

The DiMe Siempre Engagement rings and True Lovers Knot series, available both in-store and online, showcase the intersection of beauty and functionality, offering a fresh, genderless option that can be uniquely customized.

Model wearing Love machine engagement ring

Model wearing True lovers knot as a necklace 

Christina Gambale and Jennifer Gandia, co-owners of G.St express, "We're very excited to launch Marla Aaron’s DiMe Siempre engagement rings exclusively at Greenwich St. Jewelers. The wedding collection displays the very best of the core design sensibility that’s so well-loved in the Marla Aaron jewelry collection; they are irreverent, chic, fun, and romantic. We think it stands alone at the intersection of beauty and functionality and also offers a fresh genderless option that can be customized in exciting ways."

Shop True Lovers Knot + DiMe Siempre online or visit us in person at 93 Reade St.

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