Spring/Summer 2023 Engagement Ring Trends

It’s wedding season, and while you are attending bridal showers, ceremonies and celebrations of the big day of your friends and relatives, you might look down at their engagement rings and think about the style and cut of ring you would want to wear if a proposal is in the air for you or if you are just thinking about your dream ring. This is a time for wedding jewelry in which anything goes; there are no rules—it’s all about what will put a smile on your face every day when you look down at your hand and into the eyes of your loved one. But there are certain trends floating around–none are conventional—they range from bold and chunky to antique inspire to some of the most beautiful colored stones that you might not expect to fall head over heels but you do!

Colored center stones captivate with some more traditional gems like ruby and emerald or natural colored diamonds; others are more unexpected such as Paraiba, spinels, and a variety of colored sapphires.

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