Allie and Sam's Parisian Proposal


The Couple 

Our next G.St couple’s proposal is not only story-book worthy, but their love story is something out of a movie. From preschool to Paris, Allie and Sam grew up together, became friends and then went their separate ways, on opposite coasts.

Couple in paris

Like every great love story, “we reconnected over the holidays back in our hometown. Right away it was like we were seeing each other for the first time,” says Allie, the bride-to-be. Igniting the flame that perhaps was always there, fiancé Sam decided to seal the deal in the City of Light. 

The Ring 

When choosing the ring, Sam shared that he “ had a sense of what she liked, but secretly for months I was checking the G.St instagram and seeing what rings she fav'd!”

Single Stone Arielle Engagement Ring Stack


He captured the essence of all the things Allie loves (with a little assistance from her cyber hints), and worked with G.St’s very own Betsy for the perfect fit - the Single Stone Arielle. He ultimately chose the ideal ring for her. Allie expresses, it was a complete and total surprise. I truly couldn't believe how beautiful it was and that he was putting it on my finger. I love every aspect of it- the yellow gold, the European cut diamond, but my favorite part is that he picked it out for me. He knew what I liked even better than I did!” 


Single STone Arielle engagement ring on hand

The Proposal 

On Christmas morning in Paris, Sam and Allie took a stroll to get some breakfast, even though most places were closed for the holiday. Sam convinced Allie that he found one place that was open. En route, they first took a detour through their favorite park- the Place des Vosges, to capture a quick photo together.



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To Allie’s surprise, a team of photographers were secretly waiting to capture the ultimate kodak moment. Among the transcendent tree-lined square (the oldest in Paris), and one trip around the central garden fountain, the defining moment had arrived. “Before I knew it, he was on one knee asking me to marry him!” exclaimed Allie.

Hands holding with engagement ring

As nerve-wracking as popping the question is, Sam reveals “ I was excited, but cool as a cucumber until the actual moment. I had a whole speech planned but as soon as I saw the look on Allie's face, I lost the words...but I got on one knee and managed to remember the ‘Will You Marry Me?’ part!” Allie recalls that she had an inkling something was going on, but because Sam was so calm, she kept her cool. “It was when we were in the park, I thought ‘no way this is happening’, then he reached in his back pocket and got down on one knee. It was perfect!”

Allie engaged ring on hand

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