Elizabeth and Sean’s Sentimental Resetting

Cheers to Elizabeth & Sean who reset a precious heirloom ring together at Greenwich St. Jewelers!

The couple knew they wanted the ring to have a more modern style to showcase their heirloom diamond. ⁠⁠They worked with engagement specialist Molly to explore our Ceremony by G.St ring settings and learn about the history of their antique diamond along the way.

The diamond came from Sean's Great Grandmother. Before coming to Greenwich St. Jewelers, they didn't know that it could date back to the 1700s!

The original heirloom ring.

"There are a few key characteristics we look for to estimate when a diamond was cut," says Molly. "Elizabeth and Sean's diamond has a remarkable fire due to the larger facets and higher crown. The open culet and unpolished girdle, with the knowledge that this stone has been in their family for some time, are identifiers that it's an Old European cut diamond. This diamond is one of the more beautiful family stones that I've seen in quite some time." ⁠

Armed with new information about their diamond, it was time for the couple to decide on a design that they felt suited it and Elizabeth’s active lifestyle. They landed on the Ceremony by G.St Vesey engagement ring, featuring tapered diamond baguettes accenting the central diamond in a graceful cathedral design

This style sits flush with any wedding band, and the design will stand the test of time. Elizabeth and Sean chose to create their ring in platinum, a precious metal often chosen for its durability that’s suitable for a lifetime of wear.

“I had tried on several different styles at other stores since I had no clue what I wanted,” says Elizabeth. “But when we went to G.St, I was finally able to hone in on the one for me. The Vesey is the perfect combination of modern and traditional - I love the ring!”

While the two worked together on choosing the ring’s setting, when it came time to popping the question, the creative proposal was totally up to Sean! 

“He set up a scavenger hunt with five clues that had to do with experiences we've shared together over the last 6 and a half years. Each clue involved a phone call with friends or family. ⁠⁠The last clue led me back to our apartment where Sean proposed! I think we were both quite nervous during the actual proposal since it such a big moment.⁠ I couldn't even see the ring at first because I was crying (happy tears) so much!”

“⁠I absolutely love the ring and it is even more beautiful than I imagined, even though I was involved in the entire ring process. I am SO grateful for Greenwich St. Jeweler's help. When I look down at the ring now, I can't believe how well it turned out.”

⁠⁠⁠Congratulations, Elizabeth and Sean. We are so honored to be a small part of your love story and were delighted to create this beautiful ring together with you.

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