Something old into something new: purchasing your precious metals, gemstones, and fine jewelry

Jewels are timeless, but jewelry styles often have expiration dates. What was beautiful in one generation or special to another family member might not hold the same value for you.

But it does have intrinsic value, and we’re happy to help turn your unwanted fine jewelry, gemstones and precious metals into cash with our jewelry recycling services. Or, we’ll give you credit for 1.5 times its value toward a new style from our store (excluding sale merchandise; credit may not be combined with any other offer or promotion). We call this precious metal recycling service Recycle with Style, and it’s part of our efforts at sustainability. In fact, a percentage of the gold we buy is recycled and used in our store.

Make an appointment for our jewelry recycling service by email or by calling 212-964-7592, and one of our jewelry specialists will meet with you to evaluate what you have. We’ll note the maker, materials, value and history, and on consideration will present you with a purchase offer and immediate payment. If what’s in your jewelry box right now doesn’t wow you, let us help you get something that does with our precious metal recycling services.