Each Kalahari Dream™ Diamond tells a story of responsible sourcing and giving back to local communities. These diamonds preserve and defend the beautiful majesty of our world, while playing a part in cultivating life in southern African neighborhoods.

Sourcing Quality, Building Community

Kalahari Dream diamonds are sourced solely from reputable southern African diamond mining companies that adhere to stringent ecological and social criteria, and abide by industry guidelines. They are polished in Botswana, wherecreate stable jobs, benefit the economy, and donate to community needs 

schoolchildren in Botswana

Intense Clarity

Kalahari Dream gemologists use 10x magnification and precision instruments to ensure every diamond is flawless or near-flawless, with no visible inclusions or imperfections.

Ideal Cut

The ideal cut of the Kalahari Dream diamond maximizes briliance, sparkle, and fire, with each facet strategically placed for maximum light return.

diamond cutter Botswana


Empowering Women

For decades, diamonds have served the locals living around the Molepolole factory in Botswana. This factory employs 90% women, a conscious choice that is purposefully meant to support women's empowerment in a country where the majority of women are the major family breadwinner. Artisans spend up to six months training and perfecting the craft of diamond cutting, giving them a livelihood that allows them to support their families and become financially independent.

Lifting a Community

Today, thanks to the diamond industry, Botswana has gone from one elementary school to 300 nationwide, and a powerhouse economy that has grown an average 7% annually over the last 50 years

Diamonds Do Good

"For our people, every diamond purchase represents food on the table, better living conditions, better healthcare, safe drinking water, and much more." - Festus Mogae, President of Botswana

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