For the first time, the GIA Diamond Origin Program brings true transparency to a diamond’s rough-to-polish journey, allowing you to trace your diamond from its source to its polished completion

An Exclusive Collection

You can now feel confident about buying a conflict-free, sustainable diamond that helps support local diamond-mining and processing communities — and actually know exactly the region where your diamond has come from — thanks to GIA's effort to bring traceable diamonds to market. We are the only jeweler in New York to carry this new, limited collection.

GIA Origin Report Diamonds

Diamonds Doing Good

When you buy a diamond with a GIA Origin Report, you have a direct, positive impact on local communities, helping to provide jobs, build infrastructure, educate young people, and create better health systems.

Traceability through Scientific Matching

First, the rough diamond is thoroughly analyzed and assigned a unique identification number. After polishing, the diamond is resubmitted with its identification number for a full grading analysis and GIA's matching for confirmation of its country of origin.

GIA Origin Report Diamonds

Your Diamond's Story, from the Mine to Your Ring

On the mobile GIA Origin App, you can browse through the story of your diamond from its rough to its polished state. Since each diamond is assigned an identification number, the information you find is specific to your stone.

The Report

You'll receive a detailed report, including your diamond's grading for the 4Cs, additional information about polishing, symmetry, and fluorescence, and origin results. And even more materials are available that give you information about how communities are benefiting in your diamond's country of origin.