Glamorous Escapes: Elevate Your Travel Style with Destination Jewelry

Elevate Your Travel Style with Destination Jewelry

When planning your next vacation, why not enhance your travel experience by choosing jewelry that matches the vibe of your destination? Picture yourself strolling through the cobblestone streets of Italy, adorned with bold gold jewelry that reflects the country's rich history and timeless elegance. In Paris, the city of love and lights, delicate and sophisticated pieces, such as diamond or pearl earrings, can perfectly complement the romantic ambiance. Cape Cod, with its nautical charm, calls for sea-inspired jewelry like pearls or aquamarine, evoking the tranquil hues of the ocean. Meanwhile, the vibrant and tropical Turks & Caicos is the perfect place to showcase bold, colorful pieces featuring gemstones like turquoise or emerald, capturing the island's lively spirit.


Jewelry Styles for Iconic Destinations



In Italy, embrace the country’s artistic heritage and ultimate fashion sense with bold, gold jewelry. For a modern take, wear these tapered hollow gold hoop earrings from Gilded by G.St that are lightweight and perfect for on-the-go. Or indulge in the weighted Fairmined gold artful pieces by TABAYER, all handmade in Italy. Another one of our favorite destination looks are symbolic layers. Layer a few handmade Erica Molinari charms that feature inspirational quotes in Italian or avantgarde pendants and chains by Sylva & Cie. Whether you're dining in a quaint Tuscan village or exploring the vibrant streets of Milan, these luxurious pieces level up your vacation ensembles.


Tapered hollow gold hoop earrings from Gilded by G.St 

 Various charms and chains by Erica Molinari

Oera Statement Ring and Large Oera Bangle by TABAYER


Sylva & Cie Turquoise & Diamond Heart Pendant on Luca 18k chain



Paris, the epitome of chic and romance, is best complemented by delicate and sophisticated jewelry. Diamonds are a Parisian staple, capturing the city’s sparkle and glamour. Opt for minimalistic diamond stud earrings, dainty diamond pendants, and sleek tennis bracelets that offer a subtle yet stunning shine. Mixing different styles with other precious stones like sapphires or rubies can also add a unique flair to your Parisian wardrobe, reflecting both the city’s elegance and its vibrant fashion scene.

Various diamond pieces from Diamonds by G.St



Sylva & Cie 'Paris' Sapphire & Diamond Fan Earrings

Lorraine West Slant Ring, Marla Aaron Pearl Trundle Lock Ring, ASTRA by G.St Leo Signet Ring and Made by Malyia Diamond Trio Bracelet 




Cape Cod’s nautical charm and relaxed atmosphere are beautifully complemented by pearl jewelry, evoking the classic elegance of the sea. Pearls, with their iridescent sheen, mirror the gentle waves and coastal beauty of this destination. Choose pearl stud earrings, a delicate pearl bracelet, or a strand of pearls to add a touch of sophistication to your seaside wardrobe. These timeless pieces blend seamlessly with the casual yet refined style of Cape Cod, making them perfect for beachside walks, boat outings, and dinners by the shore. Pearls enhance the serene and elegant vibe of Cape Cod, creating a harmonious and stylish look for your coastal getaway. 

 Marla Aaron Pearl Trundle Lock Ring, layered pearl necklaces by Chroma and WWAKE

Surya & The Moon Onyx & Pearl Flower earrings with pearl extenders



In the Turks & Caicos, bold and colorful jewelry can capture the vibrant energy of the island.  Look for gemstone statement necklaces, cocktail rings, and brightly colored beaded bracelets that reflect the island’s lively culture. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching different colors and styles to create a dynamic and festive look. The vibrant hues of your jewelry will complement the tropical landscapes and bustling markets, making your vacation even more memorable.


Alice Cicolini Silver Tile Oval White Topaz Drop Earrings

Jamie Joseph Gem Silica Statement Ring

Jewelry Care Tips While Traveling
Taking your jewelry on vacation requires some extra care to ensure it stays as stunning as the day you packed it. Before heading out, consider using a jewelry travel case to keep your pieces organized and protected. When enjoying the sun and sea, remove your jewelry to prevent damage from saltwater and chlorine, which can tarnish metals and dull gemstones. Also, remember to clean your jewelry regularly with a soft cloth to remove any residue from sunscreen or sweat. By following these simple care tips, you can keep your treasured pieces looking their best throughout your trip and beyond.



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