Behind the Bouquet Ring Collection


Greenwich St. Jewelers’ newest collection Bouquet designed by store owner and floral enthusiast Jennifer Gandia is officially here! 

bouquet flower rings

Bouquet made an Earth Day entrance, debuting joyful rings that honor Mother Earth with hand-selected natural, fair trade gemstones and certified recycled gold. Each ring's design and color palette are inspired by the boundless creativity found in flower arrangements.

Intending to capture the fleeting beauty of florals, each one of a kind ring is able to be worn and treasured forever.

“Everyone loves the joy of receiving flowers! Bouquet is our interpretation of an everlasting gemstone arrangement to celebrate life’s most precious moments,” says Jennifer.



Jennifer has spent the last few years building a flower-forward garden at her home in the Hudson Valley, which she uses as a cutting garden to experiment and play. One of the things she loves the most about working with flowers is exploring color. 

Jennifer's flower garden

“When you're growing your own flowers you can be at the mercy of what’s blooming to create the palette for an arrangement. What’s available at any given time has helped me to see beyond my own conceptions of what works and what doesn’t, and that has taught me to be daring with color."


Jennifer Gandia working on a floral arrangement at a floral design workshop

The Bouquet collection includes 17 rings, each named after a floral designer and created in NYC with a mindful use of materials. Jennifer selected each of the gemstones at the 2023 Tucson Gem Shows and conceptualized each ring in the same fashion as a flower arrangement.


Jennifer Gandia sourcing gemstones in Tuscon Arizona

She began with a foundational color, represented by the center gemstone and then layered in each of the side stones to create color palettes ranging from understated to audacious. 


Jennifer working

While studying floral design abroad with Flowerschool New York and Tin Can Studios several years ago, Jennifer reflected upon the power of color and the emotional stories that can be told through flowers. 


Floral design class in Mexico


“I wanted to translate that beauty and emotion into something that could be treasured for a lifetime. We can’t keep flowers forever, but the color and emotional stories we tell with them can be translated with gemstones," says Jennifer.


Bouquet ring

"For my purposes as the designer of this collection, I let the stones step in for the flowers in a bouquet of color that will hopefully bring everlasting joy.” 


Flower ring



Bouquet isn't just about creating something beautiful - it's also about giving back. Jennifer and Christina, co-owners of G.St and Brooklyn-born and raised, feel a deep connection to the Fresh Air Fund and their mission to provide free opportunities for underprivileged youth to experience the joys of outdoor activities.

That's why 20% of proceeds from each ring sold will be donated to this wonderful organization. 


G.St is committed to using thoughtfully sourced materials in all of our in-house designs. From certified recycled gold to responsibly sourced diamonds and precious gemstones, our standards for craftsmanship are carefully considered.


Loose gemstones

Each ring in the Bouquet collection is made with fair trade and traceable gemstones, as well as SCS and RJC certified gold. Knowing where our materials come from establishes an even stronger connection to Mother Earth's precious gifts.

SCS Verification: A leading global third-party environmental and sustainability standard positively impacting environmental sustainability and the way jewelry is made since 1984. 

The Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) is a London-based international oversight organization which verifies companies using responsible ethical and environmental practices throughout their operations.


We asked florists we love to design arrangements inspired by our rings. Then we named the jewels after them!

Summer Robbins

Photo Courtesy of: Summer Robbins Flowers 

To celebrate the launch of Bouquet, Greenwich St. Jewelers partnered with florists around the country to design arrangements inspired by the color palettes in the collection. 

The florists include: Tin Can Studios, Nicolas Cogrel, Darling Moon Flower, Summer Robbins Flowers, and Remi and Gold.

Floral designers

If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that is as singular and splendid as a flower arrangement, look no further than the Bouquet collection. Each ring is a unique piece of art, inspired by the beauty of nature and created with love and care. 


Tin Can Studios

Not only will you be supporting a great cause, but you'll be wearing a piece of jewelry with soul that will bring you joy for years to come.

To hear more about the inspiration from Jennifer check out our social media post:



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