Surya and The Moon

Designer - Surya and The Moon

Here you will find – and create – one of a kind pieces Together, Surya and the Moon represents Sneha and Keri’s effort to create vessels for life’s greatest experience, enabling them to be passed on from one generation to the next.

Surya means sun in Sanskrit. SUN IS CONSTANT, it's always there, at the center of our creation - making this our heritage collection. You will always find our tradition-inspired jewelry in this collection, allowing you to relive special moments from the past, just as the seven rays of Surya become seven lives - and it is here that Indian mythology tell us we reach nirvana. MOON IS EVER-EVOLVING. It shifts in color, shape, size, brightness- making this our featured and custom collections. This continuous evolution allows us space for being more creative-- inspired by both the natural beauty and the unique flaws in different gems, we bring to life an ever-so-changing collection.