Real Proposal Story: Emily and Josh’s Engagement Down Under

The Love Story Real Proposal Story: Emily and Josh's Engagement Down Under While it may not seem far to most, when Emily and Josh first started dating in early 2016, it truly qualified as a long-distance relationship. She was firmly settled in New York City, while Josh was on Long Island, meaning those early months were full of calls, texts, and a number of long drives back and forth. “On our first date, Josh met me at the Met to explore the museum’s collection, then we headed to the Upper East Side to share a bottle of wine. By the time we parted ways at 1 a.m., Josh drove home in what ended up becoming a huge blizzard,” Emily remembers. That, in fact, is how Josh knew Emily was The One. “The first date was great -- even though I had to drive home in a snowstorm -- and by the time our second date ended, I was sure,” he says. Though the drive was long, during a bout of bronchitis a month later, Josh appeared in the City to nurse Emily back to health. By the time she’d recovered, she was head over heels.   The Proposal “By the time we headed to Australia with my family to visit my brother in March of 2017, I knew Josh had the ring, but wasn’t sure when he’d propose,” says Emily. “In fact, I’d had my nails done before we left, just in case!” Josh did in fact bring Emily’s ring with him, but the pair left Australia for a couple’s trip to New Zealand and he still hadn’t popped the question. They spent five days exploring, sleeping in a camper and immersing themselves in the stunning countryside -- and still nothing. On their last evening abroad, they checked in at a nice hotel, where Josh drew a warm bath for Emily to rinse away any remnants of their camping adventures. “There was wine, a fruit platter, and lots of bubbles -- and that’s when Josh asked me to marry him!” says Emily. “After I said yes, I looked at Josh and asked if I could put my ring on. It was perfect. I loved that we’d picked it out together, but that it still had Josh’s personal touch because he’d chosen the center stone himself. I know I’ll love it as much years from now as I did the first moment I saw it.” The Ring After browsing briefly with a friend, Josh and Emily found their way to Greenwich St. Jewelers to shop together. “I knew I wanted a vintage-style ring with a lot of character, and loved the selection,” Emily says. “We were able to try on a range of styles to narrow it down, then Josh made the decision from there. The process was so much like our relationship, with a lot of teamwork and communication.” For Josh, that direction was exactly what he needed. In his words, “Emily had such a specific vision for what she wanted, and I was of the mindset that her vision shouldn’t be ignored. Each ring she tried gave me a little more insight into her approach to jewelry, and shopping with Emily made the process much easier.” With help from Christina and the Greenwich St. Jewelers staff, Josh then chose the center stone on his own. “That was the one thing I really wanted to do myself, so I could surprise her with the finished product,” he says. The ring is full of the personality Emily was seeking, with an Old European-cut center stone surrounded by a diamond and sapphire halo and sapphire trillion accents. “I was inspired by a ring my mom has that belonged to her grandmother,” says Emily. “I’m also very active, and a ring with a low profile is the perfect fit.” The couple loved a ring with sapphires flanking a center diamond, choosing to customize the design to include the colored stones in the halo and add a pavé detail down the shank. “Christina was able to create a mock-up of the changes to help us visualize what we’d imagined. She really made sure we were comfortable with the new design,” says Emily. “The entire process was fantastic, stress-free, and resulted in an absolutely beautiful ring,” says Josh. “The hardest part was getting the ring back to Emily’s apartment without showing it to her or telling her I had it. I was so excited that she probably figured it out anyway!” On behalf of Greenwich St. Jewelers, congratulations Emily and Josh! We cherish the opportunity to be a part of your love story, and wish you all the happiness in the world.
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