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Real Proposal Stories

  • Real Proposal Story: Jamie and Paul’s Heirloom Engagement

    Jamie and Paul’s Heirloom Engagement

    The Love Story

    “It’s hard not to like Paul the minute you meet him,” says Jamie, who has known her now-fiancé since the pair were in high school. “He has an honest smile and a talkative nature that relaxes you immediately.” While she’d seen that smile many times over the years, it wasn’t until the couple reconnected on Facebook in 2011, nearly five years after Paul graduated, that she really fell for it. After that first date, they saw each other nearly every weekend for an entire year -- to the point that Jamie just assumed they were boyfriend and girlfriend. “I figured we were out of that ‘make it official’ phase,” she remembers. “Then, a year to the day after our first date, Paul looked at me with his bright green eyes and asked me to be his girlfriend. I looked right back and said, ‘What?! I thought I already was!’ Paul really has a way of surprising people.”

    The Proposal

    In November of 2016, Paul and Jamie planned a trip to New Hampshire with a group of family and friends. “My grandparents have a lake house in Merrimack where I always spent my summers. Paul has always known how special the state is to me,” says Jamie. He planned the whole weekend, with a day in Portsmouth and a vineyard tour at LaBelle Winery. When they arrived for the tour, three or four people came up to the group and already knew Paul. “I don’t know how I didn’t put two and two together,” Jamie laughs. At a particularly scenic spot, the group took turns taking couples’ photos. When it was Paul and Jamie’s turn, she smiled at the camera, and he shakingly got down on one knee. “I immediately burst into tears and asked him what he was doing,” Jamie remembers. “He had a beautiful speech prepared, but I didn’t hear a word. Then he took the ring out of the box, dramatically threw the box across the lawn, and placed my new Erika Winters Grace solitaire -- featuring my grandmother’s diamond -- on my finger.”

    After the proposal, the group settled into the winery’s private room for lunch. “I was still in complete shock,” says Jamie. The bride had lost her mother to cancer when she was 13, and she’d both anticipated and dreaded her proposal because she wouldn’t be able to share it with her mother. Jamie hadn’t noticed the music playing in the restaurant until Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” began. “It was my mother’s favorite song, one we would belt in the car and dance to in the kitchen,” says Jamie. “As soon as it started, the tears came and we all got the chills. I knew she was there with us, celebrating the moment.”

    The Ring

    Back in 2011, a week before Jamie and Paul’s first date, she was visiting her maternal grandmother. “She was in hospice, and on my final visit with her, she slipped her engagement ring off of her finger and handed it to me, asking me to one day use it for my engagement ring,” Jamie remembers. “I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, but she knew the day would come. A week later, I went out with Paul and something sparked. Coincidence, or no?”

    Of course, every family ring comes with a few challenges. In Jamie’s case, it was size. “My grandmother’s ring was a size 4, so we knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to use her setting,” Jamie says. After creating a Pinterest board of her favorite designs, she showed Paul her favorites and he pointed her toward designer Erika Winters. “She has such a unique style, with tiny pinpoint details and antique touches. I fell in love with her Grace solitaire -- and then realized the rings were made on the West Coast. I couldn’t in good conscience send my grandmother’s 2.77-carat diamond all the way across the country,” she remembers, and she put the thought out of her mind.

    But Paul didn’t forget. A year later, he brought Jamie into New York City for a surprise, leading her to Greenwich St. Jewelers. “I was floored -- and a little teary-eyed -- when Lauren started placing Erika Winter’s designs in front of me,” Jamie says. “We settled on how I would want the ring customized, and then it was up to Paul to figure out how to secretly get the diamond from my father to Greenwich St. Jewelers.”

    Says Paul, “I took Jamie’s father to lunch, asked for her hand, and was given the diamond, then immediately set to work with Lauren to make the ring everything Jamie wanted. The whole team made me feel at ease, even when it was time to pack up Jamie’s grandmother’s irreplaceable ring across the country. After a few weeks of waiting, the ring was in. The minute I saw it, I knew it was meant for my girl’s finger.” Adds Jamie, “We are filled with happiness during this time of our lives, and we owe so much of that to Lauren and the Greenwich Street Jewelers team for making this experience one of a kind.”

    Congratulations, Paul and Jamie, on your engagement! It’s an honor to play a small part in your love story.

  • Real Proposal Story: Sofia and Dean

    This couple had not one, but two proposals so you get double the feels and double the bling.

    The Love Story

    Origin: Online

    Sofia and Dean were both single New Yorkers looking for love online. The fast paced metropolitan lifestyle can make it difficult to find time for dating, but after a profile peruse and some cursory banter they decided to meet in person. From the very first date, the pair felt their connection was powerful and enduring. In a city full of strangers Sofia and Dean knew they had found something they couldn’t let slip away.


    The Proposals

    Sofia asks Dean

    Location: The Ides in the Wythe Hotel

    Sofia had big plans to propose to Dean on a trip to Argentina. When the vacation was suddenly cancelled, she knew she’d have to get creative.  Sofia booked a loft with an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline so she could propose to Dean where they once shared a very memorable date early on in their relationship. There was soft lighting, photos from their travels together, and a typography piece Dean created with the lyrics of their favorite song. With the help of a friend, Sofia managed to get Dean to the hotel under the guise of a birthday party.  The same Ed Sheeran song from Dean’s art work played as the two walked into the room. Sofia led her toward the window, dropped to one knee and simply said, “I have something to ask you.”  Overwhelmed with emotion, Dean mustered up enough energy to shout with joy, “Yes!”


    dean and sofia proposal

    After sharing the happy news with family and friends, the couple made their way to the balcony to celebrate with champagne and cigars overlooking the twinkling city lights.


    engagement ring, cigar and champagne overlooking manhattan skyline at night


    Dean asks Sofia

    Location: Their Buenos Aires apartment

    Dean knew she now had a unique opportunity to propose to Sofia in Argentina. Dean flipped the script and surprised her one morning on the patio of their apartment over a homemade breakfast.  It was understated and unexpected – just how she pictured it.


    female proposal in argentina apartment


    The Rings


    Designer: Sylvie Collection

    Style: Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

    Inspiration: Classic yet Modern

    Sofia visited Greenwich St. Jewelers and chose an emerald cut diamond in a timeless halo setting she knew would speak to Dean’s artistic side.  Weeks later, Dean was sketching in her spare time and decided to draw her “dream ring” just for giggles. Sofia saw the same design she selected appear on the paper but played cool and managed to keep her big proposal secret.  Little did Dean know the engagement ring she coveted was hidden safely in their home, waiting for the day to come.

    “Dean was meant to have this ring.” – Sophia.


    emerald cut engagement ring with halo and sketch



    Designer: Arik Kastan

    Style: Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring

    Inspiration: Vintage, Unconventional

    Engagement rings are not an essential part of marriage in Sofia’s culture, but Dean felt strongly about giving her a symbol of her love.  They decided to return to Greenwich St. Jewelers to select the ring together.  Sofia knew she didn’t want a traditional design and decided that a cluster of sapphires in an antique inspired rose gold setting suited her style.


    arik kastan sapphire cluster engagement ring in rose gold


    Congratulations, Sofia and Dean! The Greenwich St. Jewelers team sends their love and well wishes for a lifetime of joy together. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your love story and for sharing these special moments with us.


  • Real Proposal Story: Corey & Amy's Grand Canyon Proposal

    grand canyon marriage proposal story

    The Love Story

    Origin: 36 years ago at Brooklyn College

    Amy and Corey were part of a small and practically inseparable group of friends at Brooklyn College back in the early 80's. While studying there, although they were very close the pair’s relationship remained platonic. As it often happens the group began to disband after graduation and Corey, now in a serious relationship, moved and married. It was around this time that Corey and Amy lost touch for nearly 30 years.

    Fast forward to about 8 years ago when Amy’s friend Barbara called to share an unbelievable story. Barbara, a cardiac care nurse, performed a test on a patient with a last name she knew sounded familiar. Barbara recalled conversations with Amy about Corey, "the one who got away", and felt the urge to ask the patient if there was any relation. Although surprised, the woman divulged that she was indeed Corey's ex-wife.  As they chatted, Barbara mentioned Amy and their memorable college days. It was then the woman revealed Corey often spoke of Amy and believed he would love to hear from her.

    After searching the internet, Amy sent Corey a message to reconnect. He wrote back admitting that he had been searching for her with no success. Their story takes another momentous turn as they discovered that for a few years, they had been living 10 minutes apart in Long Island without ever running into each other.

    grand canyon proposal megan thorne engagement ring

    Amy- "We started dating a little over 6 years ago and have been together ever since. It's so wonderful to have all these pictures of us from our college days to look back on and to have a loving relationship now that is based on a beautiful friendship created 36 years ago.  It proves that you are never too old and it's never too late to find love."

    The Proposal

    Location: Hopi Point, The Grand Canyon

    Amy - "From the time we starting dating 6 years ago, Corey would often call me at sunset and he would ask me to look at the sky.  It was a lovely reminder of the simple yet stunning beauty of nature and that no matter what troubles the day might have brought, there's always time to take a moment to witness the joy and serenity in the sunset - a reminder to find, even a small moment of happiness in every day."

    The couple planned a trip to visit The Grand Canyon in September, where, unbeknownst to Amy, they would share a magical sunset together. Corey managed to bring the engagement ring cross country, arrange a photographer to snap the moment and time it perfectly to capture the setting sun.

    grand canyon proposal story

    Amy - "Corey then took my hands in his and told me how he loved sharing special moments like this with me and wanted to share these kinds of moments with me for the rest of his life.  Then, like the classic gentleman he is, he got down on one knee (and at our ages, that's not easy), pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. I remember shaking and clasping my hand over my mouth, hearing the clicks of photographs being taken and looking down at the love of my life with the biggest smile on his face.  People were all around us smiling and sighing and clapping and I yelled out ‘Yes!’ "

    The Ring

    Designer: Megan Thorne

    Style: Picture Frame Engagement Ring

    Inspiration: Vintage Inspired, Feminine, Sentimental

    The couple visited Greenwich St. Jewelers together and found a comfortable connection with jewelry stylist, Lauren.

    Lauren – “It was a pleasure for me to assist Amy because she was confident in herself and her style. It was obvious that when she saw the Megan Thorne picture frame ring, it was love at first sight.”

    megan thorne picture frame engagement ring

    Amy - "No matter how many rings I saw online (and I looked at a lot), I knew the picture frame design was "the one," just like Corey!  I love the way a picture frame holds and surrounds a special moment captured in a photo and that's what the ring design represents to me. An expression of love captured in a frame with the diamonds on either side representing more precious memories to come. I love that Corey knew me well enough to let me pick out the setting and he did the rest."


    From the entire Greenwich St. team - Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story! We wish you all the best in your future together.


  • Real Proposal Story: Steve & Christina’s Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

    steve christina 1

    Steve and Christina’s NYC love story goes like this: boy and girl run with the same music loving crowd who made the concert halls of Gotham their stomping grounds. One magical night, while listening to a band at Bowery Ballroom, Steve and Christina’s innocent encounters suddenly transformed. It became obvious to the both of them that there was something more than smoke and strobe lights in the air.

    Where else would a couple whose first spark lit at Bowery Ballroom go on their first official date but brunch and the Brooklyn Bridge? It’s the quintessential romantic NYC date! They just clicked and in no time they were madly in love. Their relationship grew under Steve’s attentive care. He nurtured the relationship with custom playlists to suit Christina’s every mood and punctuated this thoughtful practice with gifts of beautiful Greenwich St. Jewelers’ jewels on special occasions.

    steve christina 2

    They both knew where this relationship was headed and ever the modern couple, they came into Greenwich St. Jewelers to look at engagement rings together. Christina always knew she’d want a ring with a halo and she found herself gravitating towards rose gold. Later Steve would return, armed with what he’d learned that day to create Christina’s dream ring.


    On the fourth anniversary of their first date, Steve took Christina back to the Brooklyn Bridge. They noticed that there were padlocks hanging from the structure, put there by people who were inspired by the Ponte Des Arts Bridge in Paris. Steve said he wanted to get a photo of her in front of them so she posed as he crouched down tourist-style with his camera. The next thing she knew, he was down on one knee and reaching into his pocket. She was crying, hugging him and saying yes before he even opened the box.


    He said, “Hey, don’t you want to see the ring?”

    Of course she did! He slipped it onto her finger a moment later -- a stunning handmade ring by Danhov in rose gold with a shimmering halo. Through her tears she noticed people smiling, clapping and taking pictures. No surprise, Steve is a man with a plan and had hired a professional to capture the big moment!  After the proposal, they did a proper Gotham City photoshoot in all their favorite spots. We adore the photos and are thrilled to be a part of their story.

    Congratulations Christina and Steve!

    sc6 sc7 sc8 sc9

    Ring by Danhov

    Photos by Paparrazzi Proposals

    In love with love?  Read more of our Real Proposal Stories.

  • Real Proposal Stories: Jeffrey and Matthew's Road Trip Proposal

    road trip proposal

    Jeffrey and Matthew met through mutual friends in August 2010 in Baton Rouge, LA where they both grew up. For their first date, Matthew invited Jeffrey over to his house for a home cooked meal. The two instantly connected and knew this was something special.
    Eleven months after their first date, the two decided to take a huge leap and moved to Austin together. It was now just them and their two dogs - Jack and Sissy. They have spent the last 4 years living in Austin and enjoying everything about the city, especially all of the outdoor spaces that central Texas has to offer.
    road trip proposal 2 Jack, the couple's adorable Daschund

    After the Supreme Court landmark decision on same-sex marriage in June, Jeffrey knew he had the best opportunity to surprise Matthew.  Until this point, Jeffrey told Matthew he had to be the one to ask and it had to be perfect.  According to Jeffrey, “We tend have slightly different taste when it comes to fashion, and a few years back we saw this Jamie Joseph ring in passing while at a jewelry store with friends. We both loved it right away. It was a great balance of simple with an element of fun and sparkle to it. Even though we were a few years away from getting engaged, I bookmarked the ring and came back to it recently to order from Greenwich St. Jewelers for the proposal. We ordered a matching set because we really loved the idea of both having the same ring.”

    Matthew and Jeffrey enjoy hiking, road trips, traveling and being lazy together.  According to Matthew, “some of the best days are spent just cuddled together on the couch with Jack watching bad TV.” The couple decided to take an eleven day road trip to visit 11 national parks. They had spent the few weeks prior to the trip planning out all the details and tried to cram it all in as best they could. On the last evening, the couple arrived at their favorite hotel in Marfa, TX for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.  Unbeknownst to Matthew, Jeffrey had a surprise planned.

    road trip proposal 3

    After taking a nap in some hammocks on the hotel grounds, they decided it was time to break out the champagne to celebrate their last night of the road trip and all of the things they’ve accomplished throughout their trip.  As they walked back to the hammocks, Matthew pointed out the sunset and they both let out a sigh of relief and slight sadness since this was the last sunset they would see on their trip.  Sunset and sunrise have always been their favorite times of the day. Beginning in their first apartment, Matthew and Jeffrey would often enjoy a drink on their balcony while  watching the sky change color as the sun set over the hills behind their apartment.

    sunrise at grand canyon Sunrise at the Grand Canyon during the road trip
    road trip proposal 4 Engaged!

    As they approached the hammocks, Jeffrey asked Matthew to sit for a second so they could face each other. Matthew was a bit confused but reluctantly did what he was asked and Jeffrey began by saying “The past ten days have been incredible and I could not imagine doing this trip with anyone else.  I’m so happy at what we’ve accomplished and seen on this trip and even more so because we were able to do it together. You make me so happy and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and have many more trips like this in the future. Will you marry me?”

    Matthew said yes as the sun was setting and the sky was lighting up with the purples and pinks that make a beautiful sunset. Neither of them could have imagined a more perfect and serene moment.

  • Real Proposal Stories: Mike & Erica’s Prospect Park Proposal

    prospect park proposal Sarah-Bode Photography

    From their first date to their proposal, Mike and Erica’s relationship has been full of surprises.

    The couple first met online, and after exchanging a few messages, planned to meet.  Mike had set up drinks at a bar before their date at a comedy club, but to his surprise, Erica accidentally fell asleep and made it just in time for the show.  “There was never any doubt that I would wait,” said Mike.  “I knew she was a special girl worth any wait.”

    The couple instantly hit it off and got closer over the next couple of months, enjoying the honeymoon period.  Just two months into dating, Mike received an unpleasant surprise.  “I started seeing doctors for some abnormalities in tests from my last check-up.  No big deal, I felt fine.  Then my doctor called me at work on a perfect sunny Friday afternoon to tell me I had an aggressive form of leukemia.  The only thing I could think was, ‘I’m not ready to say goodbye to Erica,’” he explained.

    Mike returned to his hometown out of state for treatment, and the couple kept their relationship going despite the distance and the circumstances.  It served as a good time for Erica to visit Mike’s home and meet his family.  Mike says, “She was my motivation for getting better.  She was the one that kept me positive.  When you’re battling something like cancer, you need something to hope for, to look forward to, to give you a reason to fight to live.  I fought for Erica.”

    It was then that Mike knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Erica, and so began the search for the perfect ring.

    Lucky for Mike, Erica gave him a head start.  She had an inspiration image that she loved from Pinterest.  “I wanted a ring that would be timeless, so I looked for rings with both vintage and modern elements.  I am naturally drawn to gold and found an antique rose gold ring that I found irresistibly romantic,” Erica said.  Unlucky for Mike, the picture that Erica found lead to a dead end on the Internet, leaving him to start from scratch.

    Mike was determined to get Erica her perfect ring, and so he set out on creating his own version of it.  “She is a one-of-a-kind girl and deserves a ring to match,” he told us.  He arrived at our store with his inspiration image to begin designing a custom engagement ring.  Mike consulted with our jewelry specialist Lee Terranova, and we put the dream ring into production with the assistance of our Master Jeweler.  “After a couple of weeks, I saw the computer images of the ring, but I knew I couldn’t be sure until I finally got the chance to see it in person,” Mike said.  “When the chance finally came… wow.  I really never knew it would sparkle THAT much.”  Mike left our store, ring in pocket, feeling “impressed, happy, excited and terrified,” he said.

    prospect park proposal engagement ring

    Mike’s nervousness continued the day of the proposal.  “My antiperspirant decided to take the day off,” he said.  He planned to propose near the Vale of Cashmere, the couple’s favorite section of Prospect Park, and had hired a photographer to capture Erica’s reaction.  The moment Mike dropped to one knee and told Erica there was no one else he’d rather spend his life with, she began crying tears of joy.  “After I pulled it together, I cried out ‘yes!’” she said.  “It was exactly what I would have hoped for – just me, him, someone to capture the moment, and a story to tell for years to come about my favorite surprise.”

    prospect park proposal 2

    prospect park proposal 3

  • Real Proposal Stories: Matt and Emily's Bridgehampton Beach Engagement

    bridgehampton proposal

    “Not many New Yorkers can say ‘Thank Goodness for Hurricane Sandy’” besides Matt and me, explained Emily when telling us how she and her new fiancée met.   “After Matt evacuated his apartment in the Financial District, he was living with his close friends on the Upper East Side.  Coincidentally, these were my friends too!  When our mutual friends were having a house warming party, Matt was still crashing there.  We met that night and hit it off,” Emily says.

    A few weeks later, Matt asked Emily on their first date while they were watching a Giants game.  “He’s a huge Patriots fan from Massachusetts.  I can’t believe he asked me out while I was wearing an Eli Manning jersey!” Emily said.

    When it was time to choose the ring, Matt and Emily shopped together.  Emily had explored Pinterest and found pictures and ideas of rings she loved.  They came into Greenwich St. Jewelers to choose a setting while enjoying complimentary champagne, celebrating this important event in their lives.  Emily knew she wanted an elegant, yet delicate setting and a cushion-cut diamond.  After the initial meeting, Matt came back by himself and chose the perfect diamond with a setting from Danhov.

    bridgehampton proposal 2

    When summertime came around, Matt and Emily took a trip to the beach in Bridgehampton, where Emily’s family frequently vacations.  One cloudy day, Matt asked Emily to take a walk with him on the beach.  As this was one of their favorite activities, Emily did not think much of it.  About half a mile down the beach, Matt got down on one knee.  Emily was in such shock, she says “he said such nice things that I wish I could remember!”  She said yes, and they spent some time on the beach alone together.  When they walked back to where they were staying, Matt had planned a surprise barbeque with their family members and closest friends.  “It was the best weekend,” says Emily.

    bridgehampton proposal 3

  • Real Proposal Stories: Erich and Alexandra's Greek Islands Engagement

    greek island engagement 1

    Both designers from opposite sides of the country, Erich and Alexandra met in Washington, D.C. in 2005.  They fell in love and moved to Brooklyn shortly thereafter.

    Erich and Alexandra describe themselves as "old souls" and travel, good design, and cultural experiences are important to them.

    When it came time to propose to Alexandra, Erich scoured several jewelry stores in NYC to find the perfect ring.  He wanted something that expressed their unique bond and that Alexandra would appreciate for the exquisite design.  Erich found Greenwich St. Jewelers and selected the perfect Single Stone engagement ring.  It was handcrafted from rose gold and featured an antique diamond and engraving details.  The ring perfectly captured Alexandra's spirit.

    greek island engagement 2

    Now that he had the engagement ring, the proposal could be set into motion.  For Alexandra's birthday, Erich crafted a plane ticket that was good for one trip anywhere in the world.  Alexandra chose a vacation to Turkey and the Greek Islands.  Alexandra's family is from Greece and it is also where her parents met; there could not have been a more perfect place for Erich to propose.

    On the first day of their weeklong trip, Erich took Alexandra on a sunset walk on the island of Mykonos.  The walk ended in a surprise proposal.  Alexandra said yes, and the two enjoyed their love-filled vacation together.

    greek island engagement 3

    Two years later, Erich and Alexandra married at The Bell House in Brooklyn, on a concert stage under bright lights, surrounded by their closest family and friends.  They couldn't be happier.greek island engagement 4

    Congratulations, Alexandra & Erich!

  • Real Proposal Stories: Jessy and Stephania’s Vinyl Record Player Engagement

    record player engagement

    It was not an easy feat for Jessy to find his girlfriend Stephania an engagement ring.  To add on to the typical nerves one experiences when making this purchase, Stephania is not a jewelry wearer.  She did not have Pinterest boards with rings or other trails of breadcrumbs for Jessy to follow.

    Eventually, Jessy’s friends gave him the final push he needed to get engaged and took him to a jewelry store, which mostly had traditional engagement rings.   “I didn’t really like anything they had to offer, but it was a start,” Jessy said.  “Spending a lot of money on something she typically doesn’t like didn’t sit well with me,” he explained.

    Jessy left the jewelry store determined to get Stephania something special, a piece she would love even though she doesn’t love jewelry, a ring that was uniquely her.  He started doing research online, searching for antique, vintage and alternative engagement rings.  He found inspiration that he felt was right, and after getting confirmation from his mom and sister, knew he had the perfect ring idea.  Now he had to begin the journey of getting it made.

    Jessy spoke to a friend of his who went through the same struggle and had recommended Greenwich Jewelers.  Jessy came in to meet with our jewelry specialist, Lee Terranova, and brought his inspiration photos.  Together, they began to design a custom ring with the help of one of our designers, Megan Thorne.  The exquisite jewel featured a rose-cut center diamond set in a satin-finish white gold setting.  To add a personal touch to the ring, Jessy designed the band to mimic the paisley tattoo Stephania has on her shoulder.

    record player proposal

    Now that he had the perfect ring, it was time to plan a proposal to match.  Jessy started by recording a song of himself singing to Stephania, and had it printed on a vinyl record.  He took the record with him as they left for their trip upstate, where they went to watch the Lyrid meteor showers.  Jessy and Stephania had been waiting almost 10 years to see this celestial event.

    Once inside the home they were staying with Jessy’s family, Jessy took out the record player and a group of vinyls.  Stephania put one on the player, and Jessy waited eagerly with anticipation as she listened to two full albums before discovering the one he had made.

    record player proposal 2

    record player proposal 3

    Jessy designed the album cover with the original engagement ring sketch from designer Megan Thorne.  As soon as she heard his voice, Stephania knew it was Jessy singing.  She began to cry and asked “what’s this all about?” as Jessy told her to listen to the song all the way through.  When the song ended, he asked her to stand up and kneeled down as he asked her to marry him.  Jokingly, Stephania said “no” at first and embraced Jessy in a giant hug, followed by an enthusiastic “yes.”

    After celebrations with Jessy’s family, the group went outside to watch the meteor shower.  They ended the night with an incredible show of fifteen shooting stars, adding a magical touch to their dream proposal story.

    View our Custom Design page for more information on creating a ring for your love story.

  • Real Proposal Stories: Christopher and Gregg

    Christopher, the newest addition to the Greenwich St. Jewelers team as our part-time bookkeeper, began as one of our clients.  Searching for the perfect rings to express their love, Christopher and his fiancée Gregg commissioned our store to create diamond bands that were uniquely theirs.

    Check out their love story and pictures of their one-of-a-kind rings below!

    chris gregg 1

    From Christopher:

    Gregg and I met 7 years ago online, as most people tend to meet these days.  Being skeptical of people you meet online, I set up a time to meet with a 15 minute window.  I had somewhere else to be after that 15 minutes. I figured that if it wasn't a good match, then the quick meeting would be over and that would be that.

    Surprisingly, after the 15 minutes had expired and I mentioned I had to leave, he leaned in and kissed me.  It was just the right kind of was perfect.  So instead of me leaving him at the bar, I asked him to join me on my venture which he was happy to do.  We then went to a restaurant afterwards and had a real date.  After a year and a half of dating, he proposed to me on a gondola in Whistler, Vancouver and produced a temporary ring that he picked up mountainside.

    Upon our return, we had time to research rings that we would give to each other on our wedding day. Gregg came across Greenwich St. Jewelers and we were impressed by the fact that they were a green company, the diamonds came from Canada and that they used recycled materials.  In addition, we would be able to design our own rings.  We made an appointment and met with Christina, the owner, who spent a lot of time with us and was thrilled to be a part of our story.  We were extremely specific with what we wanted we could not be happier with the results.  Our rings are outstanding and the sparkle of these specific diamonds catches everyone's eye.  We are complimented everywhere we go.


    Curious about designing your own perfect ring?  Email or call 866-288-9222 to schedule your appointment.

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