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Monthly Archives: March 2020

  • G.St Love Stories: From Classmates to Soulmates

    You know that couple in college that met on something like the very first day of freshman year, and stayed together straight on through to graduation? Ever think of them, wonder how things turned out?

    Well, this is a particularly delightful version of that story. Mia and Devon are living proof that people should hold on tight to something good when they find it, and how the first blush of a college relationship can mellow into something richer and deeper.

    And years later, become the start of something shiny and new…

    With a student body typically around 7,000, it would have been hard for Mia and Devon to find each other at Stanford, had fate not placed them in the same dormitory. “We started talking the first night of orientation, and the rest is history,” says Mia.

    They quickly discovered things they had in common. “Both of us are ambitious and passionate people who want to make a difference in the world,” says Mia. “We both care deeply about those we love and make sure that they know it.”

    They shared the pressures, challenges, and adventures that college life threw at them, and after graduating in 2018, both landed positions in New York City. Mia, now 23, works as a talent analyst at a tech investment firm; Devon, 24, is an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs.

    But having impressive—and demanding—careers means they make sure to never lose focus on what they treasure most in each other. Mia celebrates Devon’s kindness and generosity; for Devon, it’s Mia’s sweet and caring nature, and how she goes out of her way to make others feel appreciated.

    The strength of another young couple’s bond might have been tried during such a time of life-changing transition and growth, but for Mia and Devon, it gave them a clearer picture of what a future together would look like. “Beyond how romantic, thoughtful, and supportive he is on a daily basis, it became clear that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with when I realized that I became a better version of myself with him, “ says Mia.

    “We were both committed to one another for the long haul,” adds Devon. “Marriage seemed to make complete sense—after five years together, we had begun thinking and living as one.”


    They went about the task of engagement ring shopping leisurely, and it was a joint effort in the beginning so that Mia could give Devon a sense of what she wanted: white gold, simple (and “not too gaudy”), and a traditional princess setting (i.e., four or six prongs, with the diamond sitting high above the finger). “She wanted something timeless and elegant that she could see herself wearing for a long time,” says Devon.

     “We went to a few jewelers in the city to get more information on engagement rings in general and to see the different types that were available,” says Mia. 

    Greenwich St. Jewelers, however, was not on their original list of jewelry stores, but its location in downtown Manhattan is close to Mia and Devon’s apartment. “We happened upon the shop on one of the days we went ring shopping,” says Mia. When they went in, “One aspect we immediately noticed and appreciated was the one-on-one attention we received. Additionally, G St. was the most knowledgeable out of the jewelers we had seen.”

    The couple worked with Greenwich St. Jewelers jewelry stylist Molly Kambic, who showed them designs that generally aligned with Mia’s desired look. After that initial visit, “Devon took the lead in designing and purchasing the ring, so it did end up being a beautiful surprise for me,” says Mia.

    In the end, Devon chose the Mercer engagement ring from the G.St Ceremony collection, with its knife-edged band subtly glimmering with all-over pavé diamonds, and a delicate, hidden halo just beneath the center stone.

    “I had a couple different options in mind, but Molly made it totally clear that if Mia had already given me a general indication of what she wanted (which she did), go with that,” says Devon.


    When it came to popping the question, Devon of course had complete creative freedom to do as he wished and set out to make the moment memorable—from morning to night.

    Devon says he has always preferred creating experiences for people over giving gifts, so he devised the proposal as a kind of scavenger hunt around DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights. “I’d say it was more of a guided tour—after all, you don’t want your fiancé-to-be running around for hours in her heels,” says Devon. He arranged for a few friends to be positioned at sentimental spots in the area. At each point, Mia would receive a small gift, a love note from Devon, and a clue to the next location.

    This incredibly sweet treasure trail ultimately led to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, an iconic New York landmark that overlooks the East River and New York Harbor, with downtown Manhattan’s skyline spread out before you in the distance as you look west. The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges tower in all their glory at right, while the faint silhouette of the Statue of Liberty can be glimpsed off the left.

    It’s a spot best appreciated when the sun is shining (or setting). So for Devon, “The biggest concern for me was the weather,” he says. “The proposal was planned for the end of October, just when the weather in New York really begins to cool down and get muggy. I was going through all sorts of backup scenarios—Jane’s Carousel, Time Out  Market, you name it. Ultimately, I had to remind myself that the important part of this special day was not the location, but the action itself it. And luckily for us, it turned out to be a warm, clear day.”

    Devon admits to being a little nervous that day, not only because of the complex logistics but also, on a deeper level, “because I understood the enormity of the moment. This was a commitment for forever, and knowing that was simultaneously terrifying and exciting.”

    “The Saturday of the proposal was supposed to be a celebration of our five-year anniversary, so I wasn’t too surprised when Devon went all out,” says Mia. And when she finally met up with him that day on the Promenade: “After a beautiful speech he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so surprised because though we had talked about marriage and had done some preliminary ring-shopping, I had no idea he was going to propose so soon.”

    And the magic didn’t stop there.  “We had an incredibly eventful day ahead of us: brunch at Beasts and Bottles, a private cruise along the Hudson, dinner at Alta, and a night at the ballet, where we saw Mia’s favorite, [principal ballerina] Misty Copeland,” says Devon.

    “Definitely one of the happiest days of my life,” says Mia.

    A few weeks later, everyone at Greenwich St. Jewelers was so excited to welcome Mia and Devon back to our store for a Champagne toast (something we do for all our couples—to check the ring's sizing, answer questions, and review the Lifetime Care that we offer).

    We said it then and we’ll say it again: Congratulations Mia & Devon! Your beaming smiles are everything—thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us.

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