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March 25, 2015
Real Proposal Stories: Dan and Susy's Manhattan Skyline Proposal

Real Proposal Stories:

Dan and Susy's Manhattan Skyline Proposal

When the time came to propose to his girlfriend of almost four years, Dan was focused on creating the absolute perfect moment.  He began this process with the ring.

"I came into the store with an idea for a ring after stalking Susy's Pinterest wedding board," Dan said.  Working with our jewelry specialist, Lauren, Dan embarked on a six week journey to create the perfect "show stopper" of a ring.  He ended up with a 2.15 carat cushion-cut diamond ring with a pave diamond halo and band from Danhov.

Now that he had the perfect ring, it was time to plan the proposal.  Dan and Susy have a tradition of spending Sundays together.  They like to call it their "Sunday Funday."  Dan surprised Susy with great tickets to see Cinderalla on Broadway, making up a story that he got free tickets from a friend to explain the front row seats.  After the show, he wisked Susy away to a romantic dinner in the meatpacking district and planned dessert at Son Cubano in West New York, New Jersey.

On the way to dessert, Dan stopped Susy near a pier overlooking the NYC skyline.  He stalled, convincing her that they were waiting for a friend.  In the meantime, Dan had tipped off their friends and family of the proposal, and they were hiding in the bushes taking pictures!

As they sat at the pier waiting, Dan gave Susy a book he had made of their relationship.  "I made this for our anniversary a few weeks ago, but it didn't arrive in time," he told her.

 Susy flipped through the pages, and as she got to the last page, it read:

Will you marry me, Susy, and start a new chapter together?

Thinking that Dan was joking, Susy responded "Oh, that's nice, can't wait for that day to happen!"  When she saw Dan get down on one knee, she knew he was serious.  Susy said "yes" as they both started to cry and their friends and family rushed out to congratulate them.

Dan and Susy will be married on August 20, 2016.

March 20, 2015
Jamie Joseph: Alternative Engagement Rings

Breaking the Rules of Engagement:

Jamie Joseph's Alternative Engagement Rings at Greenwich Jewelers

We are proud to announce the launch of coveted designer Jamie Joseph's new alternative engagement and wedding rings.  Handcrafted in her Seattle studio, these rings feature unconventional diamond cuts in reclaimed gold settings.  The stackable nature of the rings allows a woman to build a collection over time, adding a ring for each memorable moment of her life.  This unique concept presents a new way to think about engagement rings.  It's not just about "the ring" anymore- it's about the story and the moment behind each ring in a collection.  How will you tell yours?

We spoke to Jamie about the origins of her new collection and how she sees her rings being worn.  Check it out below:

Your newest bridal rings have a very modern, architectural feel with their stacking ability and geometric diamonds.  What inspired this design?

In designing this bridal collection, my objective was to create unusual, exquisitely crafted, contemporary stacking rings that can be collected throughout the life of a marriage to commemorate special occasions and milestones. 

My designs always start with the stone.   I am continually inspired by the natural, unique shapes and colors of diamonds.  Sometimes a less traditional shape or color can make an engagement ring even more special and eye-catching. Many of the diamonds in this collection are geometric, some featuring balance asymmetry, so the end result is very clean and modern.  

I am using reclaimed 18K gold and platinum and finishing with a satin texture .  I love the warmth and richness of 18K gold. The rings have some weight to them so they can stand the test of time, like any great marriage!


What type of woman do you envision wearing these rings? 

I think she's someone with a strong point of view.  Someone who wants her ring to stand out from the crowd simply, in a way that makes a statement about her preference for design.


How can a Jamie Joseph collector incorporate these rings into her look?

If she's just getting engaged she can start there!  If she's married and already has a ring, she can add a simple ring to mark an anniversary. I also love the idea of a stackable ring to mark the birth of a child.  You can look down and have a little reminder of your family with you at all times.


In addition to the new, stacking ring line, Jamie Joseph's wedding collection also includes more traditional and organic looks.

The bezel-set round diamond engagement rings feature her handcrafted, soft gold aesthetic with brilliantly sparkling diamonds.  While not as alternative as the stacking ring line, these are perfect for the woman who admires Jamie Joseph's design aesthetic but desires a more traditional look.

Pave diamond clusters and wavy bands define the organic ring selection.  These gems are delightfully feminine and have a bit of a bohemian feel with gypsy-set diamonds.  For the Jamie Joseph colored gem collector, these rings are perfect to add diamonds to your look in a way that is true to her style.


For her final words on the collection, Jamie says:

I love what I do and I hope people pick up on that when they wear one of my rings.  I am inspired by new things all the time and hope that Jamie Joseph collectors are always able to find something (and someone) to love and cherish throughout the years.

We love introducing our clients to new, exciting designs and we hope that you admire Jamie Joseph's new rings as much as we do.