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April 09, 2015
Pinterest Trends: The Most Popular Engagement and Wedding Rings

Pinterest Trends:  

The Most Popular Engagement and Wedding Rings on Pinterest


To get inspired to plan a wedding online, the number one place to look for stunning imagery is Pinterest.  From vintage to modern weddings and everything in between, Pinterest is the be all and end all of wedding ideas.  The start of any wedding planning adventure begins with one crucial element- the perfect, better than your dreams ring.  What is the Pinterest audience dreaming of now? 

1.  The Petite Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

From Beverley K and Sylvie Collection, these petite rings will captivate you with their sparkle.  Each features a princess-cut diamond with micropave diamond details.  The Beverley K ring features milgrain and engraving for a vintage look, while the Sylvie ring is a timeless style.  Discover more on our Subtle Sparkle board on Pinterest.

2.  The Mangagement Ring


The popularity of this Dora CodeXY Collection baguette diamond ring in white gold is the proof that diamond rings are coveted by men as well as women.  It's an excellent choice as a man's engagement ring or modern wedding band.

3.  The Vintage-Inspired Wedding Band

Vintage-inspired and rustic weddings are trending on Pinterest, and our Single Stone and Beverley K wedding bands are increasingly popular.  Rare diamond cuts, hand engraved details and antique patterns create a complex look in these rings, which make a statement on their own.  See more inspiration on our Days Gone By wedding board.

4.  The Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring with Halo

Pave diamond halos surround the center diamonds in these Beverley K engagement rings.  Two separate styles offer you a choice to put the focus on the center diamond or create a statement look with a larger halo.  From a timeless to bold style, cushion-cut engagement rings are adored on Pinterest.

5.  The Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo

A classic micropave diamond engagement ring stands the test of time.  From our own Greenwich Ceremony Collection, this ring is crafted from white gold with conflict-free diamonds.  Its simple style gives it an heirloom quality- prime for being passed down to future generations.


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April 06, 2015
Meet Polly Wales: Redefining Luxe in Fine Jewelry

Meet Polly Wales:  Redefining Luxe in Fine Jewelry

Designer Polly Wales is unlike any other.

Based in the UK, Polly has captivated the attention of jewelry lovers all over the world with her refreshing take on luxury.  What defines it, and how should it appear visually?  She creates her own definitions through her unconventional fine jewelry designs.

Polly Wales’ signature process involves casting diamonds and gemstones into gold in an unexpected way.  The end result is beauty captured in chaos, representative of life’s unfiltered moments.

1.   Can you describe how you came up with the concept to cast gems into gold?

My process came about while experimenting with casting different materials together for a research project at the Royal College of Art. Due to the inherent unpredictability of casting stones directly into metal, I discovered I could recreate the qualities of ancient jewelry that appealed to me so much, and I’ve continued to develop this technique ever since. Compared to setting stones, which can be controlled to create the perfect finish every time, casting stones directly into gold always carries an element of the unknown - we can never be entirely sure how each piece will turn out. Working with wax is also similar to drawing in that it allows me to be more spontaneous. It's this immediacy of design, randomness of casting and resulting irregularity that ultimately gives each piece so much personality.  

2.  You describe your jewelry as "never having a perfect moment."  What inspired this idea?

Imperfect beauty seems to resonate with more people than the idea of pristine perfection- perhaps because it can be related to more easily.  People often react to my jewelry quite passionately.  I think that's because it's unusual to find fine jewelry that combines classic forms with so much color, warmth and character.



3.  Who is the Polly Wales woman?

The beauty in my pieces is a natural beauty... not a flawless look that needs to be kept up perfectly.  I design my jewelry to look and feel as beautiful after it's been worn and enjoyed for ten years as it does when it's first worn and new.

In this sense, I hope that wearing my jewelry is effortless and that it's as easy to wear whether gardening or doing something entirely more glamorous.  Our customers are tricky to pin down to a single stereotype, but it's true that many women who are not habitual wearers of fine jewelry tend to be attracted to our aesthetic because they find it accessible and wearable.


4.  Your collection features rainbow-colored jewelry.  Tell us about this bold design choice.

I was commissioned to make Crystal rings  with multiple sapphires, which is when I discovered the great variety of colors with this gemstone.  Making a Crystal ring in rainbow sapphires was irresistible.... and then doing everything with the rainbow color became irresistible too.  I love the opportunity to bring so much color into fine jewelry; it makes the pieces so vibrant, vital and joyful.  Once I started making things in rainbow and seeing everything in color, it became very difficult to stop.


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