April 18, 2014
Wedding Inspiration Shoot: Vintage Glamour

Wedding Inspiration Shoot:

Vintage Glamour

Soft curls, bold lipstick and classic, luxurious jewels offer timeless elegance for a bride.

We teamed up with downtown NYC hair and make-up artists Lauren & Vanessa to bring you a vintage glamour bridal look. Check out the photos below for different ways to accessorize for your big day.

Model wears: Margo Morrison Baroque pearl necklace,Beverley K diamond earrings, bracelet and rings.

For a modern update, mix the old with the new.  We added on non-traditional jewelry elements, like colored pearls from Margo Morrison (top photo) and a hand-carved Alexis Bittar Lucite necklace (bottom photo).  Micropave-style rings from Danhov and our own collection create pristine sparkle.


For more ideas on how to style your wedding, check out our Pinterest boards. 


Credits:  It was our plesaure to work with these fabulous people.

Beauty:  Lauren & Vanessa

Photographer- Intimate Life Photography (website launching soon)

Stylist- Angelique Max

Model- Lauren McColloch

Dresses: Johanna Johnson from Gabriella New York bridal salon

Flowers- City Blossoms

April 04, 2014
Chatting with Kalee Sholdt and Chris Ploof

Chatting with Kalee Sholdt & Chris Ploof

Today's the day of our Sholdt & Chris Ploof exclusive shopping event!  Stop by to talk with these designers and discover your perfect engagement ring or wedding band.

Both revolutionary designers, Sholdt and Ploof's jewels have a uniquely modern aesthetic.  It's no wonder they  became fast friends in the jewelry world.  We had Kalee and Chris interview each other so we could get to know them better.


Chris:  Kalee, what is it like working as a family in a business? 

Kalee:  Working alongside family is a rollercoaster of emotions! My father and I are two peas in a pod and tend to butt heads a lot. Otherwise, it’s a blast! We laugh a lot and tend to not take things to seriously. I couldn’t ask for a better family. Most of our employees have been with Sholdt for over 20 years so it all feels like family. Everyone knows each other and more importantly knows “SHOLDT”. This blend of amazing people who we’ve come to call family is the reason that our brand is as gorgeous as it is. We’ve got an incredible “family!"

Chris:  What makes Sholdt rings special?

Kalee:  What makes Sholdt rings so special is that they’re all created one of a kind for each bride and groom. We custom make each piece according to the specifications of the customer. Each of our rings is fully customizable and always finished to perfection. Being that we manufacture each piece in our workshop in Seattle, Washington, we have the ability to put that extra special detail into every last ring before it goes out the door. I believe that the single most special thing about our rings is that they’re made with love. Everyone in our shop takes pride in the jewelry we make and it shows.  

Chris:  What type of person wears Sholdt rings?

Kalee:  One of the most beautiful things about Sholdt is that there’s something for everyone. Our designs are simple, yet unique. We’ve designed our rings to be wearable. We want our customers to be able to rock their Sholdt ring whether their putting on ski gloves or nursing gloves, high heels or running shoes, sweats or a gown. Our customers are active guys and gals who appreciate practical jewelry.


Kalee:  How did you get into the jewelry industry?

Chris:  After I got out of the Army, I took a class in lost wax casting. I immediately fell in love with the art of jewelry. Working really hard to make something so small and beautiful amazed me. From that point on, I set out to challenge myself and learn everything I could possibly learn in order to make my jewelry unique. I enjoy creating little treasures you can hold in your hand. 

Kalee:  What type of person loves your rings?

Chris:  People who want something different. Someone who walks to the beat of a different drummer. My customers want to be different then their parents and the wear something not so traditional.   

Kalee:  What is the most unique creation you've ever made?

Chris:  We did a 24 inch Damascus sword for a sword swallower!

Want to learn more?  Stop by our store today or tomorrow to check out rings from these incredible designers & ask them anything!