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September 05, 2015
Seven Sapphire Engagement Rings for September Birthdays

Seven Sapphire Engagement Rings for September Birthdays

Happy birthday, September babies!  Your birthstone, sapphire, is a deep blue beauty with timeless sparkle.  Seven of our designers give sapphire a lovely home, from classic to alternative, in this month’s engagement ring roundup.

Single Stone

Fit for a Queen, this regal ring features an oval-shaped sapphire with a halo of diamonds.  Filigree on the underside of the crown adds surprise, vintage-inspired detail.

Megan Thorne

Custom created especially for Greenwich Jewelers, the “Wood Nymph” ring features feminine details and is crafted with soft, satin-finish yellow gold.

Arik Kastan

For the woman who thinks outside the box, this pave disc ring is a complete alternative to traditional engagement rings.  We love its earthy, rustic vibe.

Greenwich Ceremony Collection

From our own collection, this jewel was handcrafted by our Master Jeweler and features an incredible 3.10 carat sapphire, flanked by half-moon diamonds.  It’s a dream ring for a glamorous woman.


Polly Wales


A one-of-a-kind creation, Polly Wales’ “Fleur de Lys” ring features eclectic sapphire and diamond cuts and pairs well with bands from her collection.  This ring is ideal for an alternative bride who wants to build a stack over time.


Crafted by hand in Seattle, this modern ring features a natural sapphire gem, chosen for its color and expert faceting by our gemologists.  It is bordered by channel-set diamonds.


Jennie Kwon


Dainty with Deco inspirations, Jennie Kwon’s “Lexie” rings are perfect for the woman who craves subtle sparkle.   This version features an emerald-cut sapphire with pave diamonds.

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September 02, 2015
Real Proposal Story: Jeffrey and Matthew

Real Proposal Stories:

Jeffrey and Matthew's Road Trip Proposal

Jeffrey and Matthew met through mutual friends in August 2010 in Baton Rouge, LA where they both grew up. For their first date, Matthew invited Jeffrey over to his house for a home cooked meal. The two instantly connected and knew this was something special.
Eleven months after their first date, the two decided to take a huge leap and moved to Austin together. It was now just them and their two dogs - Jack and Sissy. They have spent the last 4 years living in Austin and enjoying everything about the city, especially all of the outdoor spaces that central Texas has to offer.
Jack, the couple's adorable Daschund
After the Supreme Court landmark decision on same-sex marriage in June, Jeffrey knew he had the best opportunity to surprise Matthew.  Until this point, Jeffrey told Matthew he had to be the one to ask and it had to be perfect.  According to Jeffrey, “We tend have slightly different taste when it comes to fashion, and a few years back we saw this Jamie Joseph ring in passing while at a jewelry store with friends. We both loved it right away. It was a great balance of simple with an element of fun and sparkle to it. Even though we were a few years away from getting engaged, I bookmarked the ring and came back to it recently to order from Greenwich Jewelers for the proposal. We ordered a matching set because we really loved the idea of both having the same ring.”
Matthew and Jeffrey enjoy hiking, road trips, traveling and being lazy together.  According to Matthew, “some of the best days are spent just cuddled together on the couch with Jack watching bad TV.” The couple decided to take an eleven day road trip to visit 11 national parks. They had spent the few weeks prior to the trip planning out all the details and tried to cram it all in as best they could. On the last evening, the couple arrived at their favorite hotel in Marfa, TX for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.  Unbeknownst to Matthew, Jeffrey had a surprise planned.  
After taking a nap in some hammocks on the hotel grounds, they decided it was time to break out the champagne to celebrate their last night of the road trip and all of the things they’ve accomplished throughout their trip.  As they walked back to the hammocks, Matthew pointed out the sunset and they both let out a sigh of relief and slight sadness since this was the last sunset they would see on their trip.  Sunset and sunrise have always been their favorite times of the day. Beginning in their first apartment, Matthew and Jeffrey would often enjoy a drink on their balcony while  watching the sky change color as the sun set over the hills behind their apartment.
Sunset at the Grand Canyon during the road trip.
As they approached the hammocks, Jeffrey asked Matthew to sit for a second so they could face each other. Matthew was a bit confused but reluctantly did what he was asked and Jeffrey began by saying “The past ten days have been incredible and I could not imagine doing this trip with anyone else.  I’m so happy at what we’ve accomplished and seen on this trip and even more so because we were able to do it together. You make me so happy and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and have many more trips like this in the future. Will you marry me?” 
Matthew said yes as the sun was setting and the sky was lighting up with the purples and pinks that make a beautiful sunset. Neither of them could have imagined a more perfect and serene moment.
In love with love?